What vices we should avoid or elude

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What vices we should avoid/elude What are the vices we should avoid or elude? First of all there are many types of vices, from alcohol, smoking, drugs, gambling, and even lust. To be honest I like to drink, occasionally but if you drink too much, well now that's Just wrong. Drinking too much of alcohol will fry your liver and certain types of alcohol that has mead in it would eat up brain cells and would most likely make you stupid.

There are many different types of drugs like marijuana, meet, cocaine, ecstasy, weed, flying high. What do all these drugs have in common? Makes you high, makes you numb and makes you elated. But what are the bad side effects? Drugs can fry or destroy every organ you have, even your brain which would make you an utter insane lout. Smoking, what does it do?

Well nicotine that is found in tobacco leaves, which is inside a cigarette eats up your stored vitamins inside your body, once that happens oh would be prone to sickness or get sick allot, other than that there is a high chance of you having cancer or lung cancer which would lead to death. Even second- hand smoking is lethal to people around smokers especially pregnant women. Gambling is what I do not understand, you bet away your money which there Is a low chance of you winning it back, and if you do win you bet the money you earned and most likely you lose it again.

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Lust; well remember to use a condom for safety. What do all these vices have In common? It all costs money, It's not good to yourself and people around you, and there Is a chance for you to die with certain vices. So try to live a healthy life style without using an exaggerated amount of vices, because hey I have tried to smoke but I am not a smoker, I Like to drink occasionally, and If you do try to elude vices there Is a chance that you might reach an age of a hundred.

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