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What is meant by sustainability? Definition

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2. Discuss what is meant by sustainability. Include some examples in your discussion.

Sustainability is part of corporate social responsibility and means not harming the environment or wasting natural resources, and through maintaining long-term ecological balance. The Brundtland Commission described sustainability as “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs." People need to study the future in order to make their decisions today. Sustainability takes into consideration how people can live in balance with the natural world surrounding us, and protecting it from harm and damage.

The three pillars of sustainability are:

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1- The Social pillar: is about awareness of the people health and laws that protect people from pollution and toxic activities of a company and other businesses. It is also about maintaining access to primary resources without compromising the quality of life. Sustainable housing is now the hottest topic and how we can build better homes from durable material — also, education encourage people to engage in environmental sustainability and guiding them about the outcomes of environmental protection and what are the dangers if we cannot protect the environment.

2- The Economic pillar: is used to define strategies that promote the utilization of socio-economic resources to their best advantage. A sustainable economic model aims an equal division and effective allocation of resources. Economic growth is supplying people what they want without compromising the other people live.

3- The environmental pillar: focuses on decreasing the carbon footprints, packaging waste, water usage and the overall effect on the environment that effects on the ecosystem.

Manufacturing is the main cause of air pollution, because the running of factories occurs in the emission of pollutants, including organic solvents, respirable particles, sulfur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen oxides (NOX).

These pollutants can harm public health and damage the environment by adding to global phenomena such as climate change, the greenhouse effect, the ozone hole, and growing desertification.

And the secondary effect is Wastewater. Wastewater means discharged into exterior waters is many and varied. Untreated wastewater can affect negatively on environmental, such as pollution of groundwater reservoirs, damage of transport and wastewater treatment systems, and degradation of treated wastewater and sludge.

The other factor can affect the environment is Hazardous materials. Hazardous materials do popularly manage in a variety of separate businesses, including production and farming. If not correctly treated, stored, or dealt with, hazardous materials can cause damage to human health, environment, and quality.

Companies are managed to prevent pollution and to have the carbon emissions low. There are reasons for introducing renewable power sources in houses and businesses.

People should investigate and protect the earth, atmosphere, and sustainability of the sources and concentrating on the factors that harm the environment. It includes how technology will encourage and the future greener; the Environmental Protection Agency recognized that

"developing technology and biotechnology is key to this sustainability and protecting the environment of the future from potential damage that technological advances could potentially bring."

The Impact of Sustainability:

Perhaps, more importantly, a sustainability approach that is publicly shared can deliver hard-to-quantify benefits such as public goodwill and a better reputation.?


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