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What I will accomplish in This Course

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In this semester I would like to improve and develop my English writing and reading skills thru English 122. English 122 is not only just a requirement for transferring to four-year institution, but also a benefit for my whole life. My ultimate goal is going to medical school in order to become a doctor in the United States, I believe what I am learning in English 122 will make a significant contribution to my career Writing is not just simply communicating ideas or expressing thoughts on paper; writing skill is essential because a person’s intelligence and personality can be seen and judged thru the paper he or she writes.

Most importantly, good writing skill is essential to job interview. It is not avoidable that all the occupations need good writing to connect to employers and clients. If there is any misunderstanding between either clients or employers due to poor writing, it’s possible to loose jobs or contracts. As an international student, I never took neither English 116 nor English 118 during any semester in order to take English 122. In fact, the high school I graduated from had already prepared me to be eligible to take college level English class.

One of the best parts of what I had learned in US high school is acknowledging grammar structure. When every time I take a look on my paper over and over, I can always tell where my grammar errors are and make corrections. For me personally, grammar is just made of a series of rules that I can easily memorize and go easy on it. On the other hand, I clearly feel myself lack of words through my essays, even though I am able to interpret things in simple ways. However, there is a big difference between college and high school writing and I believe that college level writing requires more sophisticated process and technique.

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If my essay is lack of words, specifically vocabulary and transition, the whole paper may not be interpreted that well. Another weakness I am very concerning is that I am not good at reasoning, a good paper must need to persuade readers to totally agree with my point of view. And I know my own explanation is not good enough to support my ideas. Applying to writing skills to real life, for instance, to medical school, neither scientific journals nor lab report can be presented verbally, both types of document must be written in sophisticate language.

To let my professors and readers easily understand what I am trying to interpret, I definitely need a strong writing structure built up. And college level writing will build me the fundamental part in order to prepare for further education even job applications. Although I am in science major, I don’t want to think nor write as a scientist. Everything is not always static, so is the language. There might be a certain discipline in my paper but what I really want to learn from Mr. Leal is to think more critically, not simply just analyzing ideas of article, but also be able to stand on the other side to question the author.

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