Reflections on the Course Counter Terrorism

Last Updated: 12 Mar 2023
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During these troubled times, I do believe that it is important for students to be well aware of the things which can create fear within and pose a threat to the whole community. For the past few years, the threats in the international as well as local communities have created a great change in the perspective of the people regarding security. Many have been threatened and manipulated by the fear and paranoia that they could be victims of terrorist attacks. Because of this, counter terrorism policies and measures must be implemented to uphold national security and lessen the fear of the public.

While serving the country as part of the U. S. Army, I have been a witness to and became directly involved in the actions taken by our government against the prevailing violence in the United States. Reflecting upon the things I learned and encountered, I came to realize the importance of counter terrorism in establishing security and upholding peace. Thus, upon taking this course, I do expect that I will considerably learn about counter terrorism in the perspective of the current and past governments, study the various counter terrorism policies and measures, and understand the reason why some of them work while others have been rendered ineffective.

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Learning about these things will certainly aid me in fulfilling my duty to fight terrorism not only as a member of the U. S. Army but as a citizen of this country. I also expect that a portion of this subject will be dedicated to peace studies which I hope will include the ideologies of Martin Luther King Jr. , Mahatma Gandhi, and other peace advocates. Exploring this topic would be beneficial for the students taking this course, especially for someone like me who is part of the Army, as learning about peace would help me to further grasp the depth and weight of my duty to my country.

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