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What I Believe to be the Two Most Pressing Issues in Healthcare Information Management

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The two current issues that healthcare managers are facing in the field of Healthcare Information Management are in-patient data collecting and processing, and the regular availability of using HMIS tools. The first issue is the need to collect and process patient data. This is a major concern for many organizations because it can be difficult to keep up with changes in the healthcare system. There are several reasons why this problem exists: Lack of data collecting and processing, which can lead to inaccurate or incorrect diagnoses. Lack of timely access to accurate and timely information, which can lead to poor quality care.

The second issue is the need to make sure that all patients have access to appropriate medical services. This I believe is important for hospitals to have good HMIS tool, which leads me to the issue of having regular availability of tools available to them. There are many resources out there that provide HMIS tools, but they do not provide enough information about how to use them effectively. This is where the problem arises if we do not have the right HMIS tools equipped with the necessary information to help achieve goals.

My future career plans for after I complete the program is to have my RHIA license, and to find a job in that field afterwards. I want to build up my certifications with things that will be beneficial to my career, so after I've been working in that field I'll achieve some more licenses to move up throughout the years that I will be working.

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