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Ethical Issues In HRM Strategy Brandi Hancock HRM 530 Strategic Human Resource Management October 30, 2012 Dr. Lila Jordan Ethical Issues in HRM Strategy Identify areas of overlap in the new client organization with other that you have had as clients When hired as a newly HRM (Human Resource Management) consultant, you must first have understand of the role before beganing assisting with any issues or other areas of overlap.

The primary role of a HRM consultant “is to assist the client to identify needs, develop an action plan and facilitate change to enhance the success of your organization (Welcome to HR Consultants, Inc. , 2009). Management, human resource, and training services are designed to improve productivity, efficiency, and communication and employee morale” (Welcome to HR Consultants, Inc. , 2009). Once you have a thorough understanding of your duties in this role you can successfully develop an action plan that will aid in the implementation of necessary changes within the organization.

Some areas of overlap that you many encounter in a new client organization could include; but not limited to the following: talent acquisition, retention, employee morale, and training. Each of these roles is vital in the successfulness of any organization (Welcome to HR Consultants, Inc. , 2009). As a HRM consultant can acquire the needed talent, effectively train them while instilling the need of excellent employee morale, you will be able to retain these employees keeping, while maintaining a high retention rate.

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While not all candidates selected will be successful, the important part is that HRM consultants keep and reward those who are (Welcome to HR Consultants, Inc. , 2009). Ethical dilemmas that may arise if you use your expert knowledge of other organizational HRM with the new clients When becoming a new HRM consultant, it’s important to stay away from any ethical issues that may cause harm to your new position at the company you are working for. One of the biggest issues that may arise is sharing proprietary information (Proprietary Information & Competitive Intelligence).

When consultants take on new clients, they are available to certain information such as; processes and technologies, strategies, and other confidential information that should remain exclusively with that client. It is important that when consultants take on new clients in competing industries, they are careful not to share any knowledge or information that may be considered proprietary. Sharing or any attempt to divulge such information between companies is considered to be unethical (Proprietary Information & Competitive Intelligence).

To protect themselves against information sharing, most companies have employees sign a non-disclosure agreement. “Companies often require that their employees sign non-competition and proprietary information agreements that restrict what information employees can disclose during their employment with that company or use once they have left the company” (Proprietary Information & Competitive Intelligence). It is important that if you sign one of these as a HRM consultant, that you not violate this agreement when accepting a new position elsewhere.

Discuss your approaches to customizing HRM strategy to business strategies To efficiently and effectively customize HRM strategies to business strategy, consultants must understand the meaning of strategy and human resource strategy. Strategy is, “coordinated choice and actions that provide direction for people and organization” and HR strategy is, “strategy that focuses on different ways of managing employees of an organization” (Stewart & Brown, 2012, p. 40). To be effective in his/her position as a consultant these to strategies must be in alignment and work cohesively together.

HRM consultants can do this in three ways: 1) Gather information about their client, 2) Analyze that information and make necessary decisions, and 3) Implement the decisions that they have made (Stewart & Brown, 2012, p. 41). As the HR consultant following these steps while looking at the current business strategy and accessing how to incorporate the two so I could effectively manage my client’s needs as it relates to them personally. Emphasize the importance of establishing HRM strategies to improve a competitive advantage It is important that HRM consultants create a strong and sound strategy to keep and gain the competitive advantage.

By successfully implementing good HRM strategies, companies can provide excellent talent and improve by staying current on the latest technologies and other information talent (Welcome to HR Consultants, Inc. , 2009). This will allow clients to increase productivity within the organization; which in turn will increase profits. The greatest organizations realize that effectively managing the HRM strategies and know that employees are their greatest asset and that they are important to their survival.

A sound understanding of HRM strategies will allow clients to keep their competitive advantage (Welcome to HR Consultants, Inc. , 2009). Reference Proprietary Information & Competitive Intelligence. (n. d. ). Retrieved from The University of Texas at Austin: http://www. lib. utexas. edu/engin/guides/proprietary. html Stewart, G. L. , & Brown, K. G. (2012). How is straregy formulated. In G. L. Stewart, & K. G. Brown, Human Resouce Management (p. 40). Hoboken: John Wiely & Sons, Inc. Welcome to HR Consultants, Inc. (2009). Retrieved from HR Consultants, Inc: http://hrconsults. com/

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