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Why Australians Should Welcome Refugees

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Why Australians should welcome refugees The Australian Government and the people of our communities must allow more refugees into our country. They have no choice but to leave their countries and unlike us they can't Just get on a plane to another country. So why won't we help them? Refugees are often treated badly by Australians but why? Refugees offer a lot to the community, they are hardworking and respectful and they will also do Jobs a lot of Australians will not, it Just sickens me to think that people think they shouldn't be allowed Into Australia.

Firstly Australia needs to let many more refugees Into the entry. Compared to other countries Like the UK and the USA, Australia lets hardly any refugees in and we have so much room. How would you feel If you were living In a corrupt, third world country dominated by call wars and terrorism and, finally, after saving up for your whole life could afford to get a ticket on a rickety boat with no guarantee of survival to a country that you have heard so many great things about, where you have rights and freedom and when you arrived you were put In a detention center?

This is what happens to them, they get put in there for years and some of them never even get out. Detention centers are like prisons and we need to get rid of mandatory detention centers, a lot of refugees kill themselves in there because their family is gone and they are left there not sure of whether they are going to get out. In some cases it is finally the day when you are let free and you have all these great expectations but you experience racism and you are looked down upon by the people around you. Is that fair? Secondly it's not their choice as to whether they flee their country or stay living there.

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The reasons they have to move often include; there may be civil wars there, their human rights aren't being expected, they are under threat of prosecution because of their religious beliefs or their life is under threat. You think they Just get on a boat to come to Australia with no guarantee of survival because they feel like moving? Some Australians say that they should stay and fight in their own country. This is absolutely ridiculous, if you lived in a corrupt, war torn third world country would you stay and fight for your country being proud of where you live?

Finally, in many cases when they arrive in Australia after spending weeks to months on a crowded unsafe boat often being attacked by pirates and then to be sent to a detention center for years before being let out and being looked down upon by the people of your community and being thought of as inferior to them for many reasons. How would that feel? On top of what they have gone through many Australians have the audacity to make racist comments towards them. Refugees offer many things to the community. Refugees are almost always hard working, and appreciative because of where they came from.

They are almost always better employees than many Australians because they try much reader and don't take things for granted. Many refugees will also do many Jobs that a lot of Australians believe they are "too good for". Many people say refugees are taking all the jobs off of the Australians however the reality Is that they take any opportunity they get to work and will often do Jobs with less pay, plus they are generally better workers so as an employer why wouldn't you employ a refugee as long as they had think that that we shouldn't let refugees in. The good that they bring outweighs the bad by a long way.

They have to travel all the way over here for months only to be put onto a detention center. It's not their choice that they have to leave their countries and it disgusts me that some ignorant, inconsiderate people actually think that refugees should stay and fight in their own countries, but in reality they have tried. If they stay in their own countries they may die! Why would anyone want to stay and live in a place like that? Many Australians even stoop low enough to make racist comments and remarks, after all they have been through. Maybe we need to be more educated as to what they have been through and reconsider what they think.

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