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A Welcome Address

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Mr. Chairman, His Royal Highnesses, Ndi Nze an Ozo, Members of Igbo Council of Chiefs and Traditional Rulers, Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen. Good evening. Eight years ago, a child was born in Dallas/Fortworth metroplex with just only seven members under the leadership of Mr. Chinedum Eguzouwa our first executive president. Today, that child has grown to the strength of 60 members and has the potential to grow more as the years go by. That child is UMUNNA BU IKE SOCIAL CLUB OF NIGERIA DALLAS/FORTWORTH. It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to this great occasion.

I understand that there are many engagements in and around the city but you chose to be with us on this our 3rd induction party to witness why we are called UMUNNA BU IKE as young and dynamic club in Dallas. Tonight, we will induct ten families who were the lucky ones among many that applied. For those that were not admitted at the time of their interview, our reluctance in admitting you then did not mean that you were not qualified rather, it was based on the premises that our club does not engage on mass admission.

Therefore, we encourage you to continue to reapply and on time so as to be among the very first ones to be interviewed. It is worth mentioning that to be considered for admission, you must be married and remain married because our club is built strongly on family values. To our new inductees, I welcome all of you to this great club. You will see for yourselves the difference between Umunna Bu Ike and any other club that may belong. You have made the best choice our your life in term of choosing a social club to belong. We will support and encourage you in our Umunna Bu Ike spirit.

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We encourage you to be steadfast in your marriage and uphold your family values that unites our club. You will be inducted tonight and we asked all your supporters to shower you with their love by spraying dollars on you as they merry with all of us tonight.. Our club is known to be pace setters in Dallas though too young. We have embarked on two Caribbean cruise, our last year picnic was second to none in comparison to any other club in Dallas, Our mother's event made history with our wives being picked up from their homes with limousine to the party site.

This year, we are cruising to the eastern Caribbean to welcome our new inductees. Last year, under the chairmanship of Attorney Austin Uke, our youth wing is waxing so and strong some the highlights you will witness tonight. The club has also suffered some setbacks like many of the clubs in the city. Just three months ago, our club lost one of our pillars, a giant, man among men, a complete gentleman, a businessman, and a philanthropist in the person of late High Chief David Omenukor who slept with the lord on February 6, 2013.

We ask that you continued to remember his family in your daily prayers and may I request your indulgence to ask for a moment of silence on his behalf. May we rise please. "May his soul rest in perfect peace". Tonight, the chairman has assured me that all will be well and wants everyone to relax and watch the events as they unfold. We are prepared to entertain you with much to eat and drink, DJ Paulo is ready to with latest release to keep you on the dancing floor till dawn. Please drink moderately, and as you go home this morning, may Almighty God guide you safely. Thank you and remain blessed.

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