Wealth Inequality Among Our Classes

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Last Updated: 15 Feb 2023
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A party platform is a list of goals that political party candidates promise to voters if they’re elected. Meaning that those who are running for election, try gaining votes by suggesting they will fix issues that they know are important to citizens. As these platforms are created, they’re usually divided into the two parties, Democrats and Republicans. Usually, this is helpful to voters because it allows them to see the differences between the parties are, from the party’s beliefs to their positions. For instance, the party platform of Democrats focuses on economic fairness, education, citizen’s health, and bringing everyone together. Starting off with economic fairness, they believe that we have wealth inequality throughout our classes, middle class to upper class, is bad for businesses, and the economy.

In order to fix this, they plan on fighting against Wall Street and tackle down dangerous risks in banks and other places in the financial system. As well as making the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes, to help with the investments to give a better income for those in poverty. They claim that the current minimum wage is not enough to help pay how some people live and create good-paying jobs. They want to give Americans a wage of about $15 an hour to allow everyone to have good-paying jobs and the freedom to attend any college. Relating to citizens’ health, they believe that having access to health care should be considered a right and not a privilege. They claim that they plan to fight for universal health care for all, reduce the high expenses of medications, and expand public services for all types of health issues.

Democrats are also strong believers that everyone shall have a chance to live up to their potential, no matter the race, gender, or sexual orientation, bringing each other up rather than down. They intend on ending system racism in our society, ending the inequality of wealth and income based on race, and most importantly reforming the criminal justice system. These are just a few issues Democrats have spoken up on to enforce their ideas and gain the votes of those who agree with them. As for Republicans, they want to rebuild the economy, give a chance for education to every child, preserve quality in healthcare, and America rise. When it comes to rebuilding the economy, they plan to fix what didn’t work during the presidential term of Barck Obama.

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Such as the private-sector jobs, decrease the number of poverty that some were brought to, and offer an opportunity to fix these issues. They intend on practicing fair and simple tax growth, by eliminating special interest provisions, curbing corporate welfare, and allowing taxpayers to see how much of their income is going to the federal government. As for education, they support the idea of any type of learning from at-home to charter schools as long as every citizen receives it. Adding to this, regarding the cost for college they believe that private sector participation in student financing should be restored. As mentioned before, Republicans believe they need to fix Obama’s mistakes, in this case, the Affordable Care Act. They believe it is invalid, and shall be removed and replaced with an approach of competition, patient choice, timely access to treatment, and excellent care.

Republicans also intend on rising America, by setting up regulations on how to confront dangers, enforcing the military, and enforcing border laws to fix the issue of immigration. Now, these as well are only some of the few issues they have in mind to fix. To conclude, these two parties have set up their party platforms to allow voters to view the list of goals they have for America and lead them to either win or lose. By looking at both platforms we are able to tell that for most issues they disagree on, they both want to fix and give Americans two different things. As these parties have their different beliefs, we should begin to take advantage of their platforms to determine who we will decide on.

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