Reflection Essay on Water Pollution

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Cameron Mency Persuasive Essay March 5, 2011 Mrs. Peart Did you know that 10,000,000 people die each year just from drinking polluted water? Well, that’s a true fact! There are three main reasons that we need to prevent water pollution. Humans and animals can become poisoned, we are harming our environment, and the last reason is because of the amount of organisms dying. Can you believe that this all happens just because of water pollution? First, we will focus on humans and animals being poisoned. When humans and animals drink water that is contaminated they can become sick. One of the sicknesses is Typhoid fever.

Typhoid fever is the ingestion of water contaminated with feces of an infected person. Hepatitis A virus is a virus that can manifest itself in water. When humans and animals bathe in contaminated water they can become sick from the pollutants in the water. One of the sicknesses is Dracunculiasis (Guinea worm disease. ) Dracunculiasis is stagnant (or still) water that contains larvae. Do you boil water in order to cook pasta or make vegetables? Well if you do, the water you’re using might be contaminated. A sickness that you can get from food cooked with contaminated water is E. coli Infection.

E. coli infection is water with bacteria in it. So imagine having bacteria in your pasta or vegetables, that’s gross! This is one reason we need to try prevent water pollution. Next, we will focus on how water pollution harms our environment. Oceans, lakes, and etc. can become polluted because of the dirt, chemicals, and other pollutants. When your parents are working in the garden do you see them sprinkling different things on the grass? When you water your lawn, can you see the dirty water run down the driveway or the side walk? If you said yes to these questions you are polluting water.

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The chemicals that your parents put in the grass are in the water that is running off into the driveway or on the sidewalk. Do you or your parents water the plants around the house and outside? The water with all of the chemicals in it might be the water you are using to water the plants. If this is the same water your plants can die. This can happen with all other bodies of water and plants, too. If you spray Febreze by a plant there is a good chance the Febreze will go into the plant’s roots. If the Febreze gets into the plant’s roots the plant can die. This can also happen with trees and other plants.

Finally, we will focus on the amount of organisms dying from water pollution. As you read in the first paragraph that 10,000,000 people die each year from drinking polluted water. That’s crazy! Exxon Valdez was the name of the oil spill that occurred in Alaska during the year 1989. This oil spill caused 39,100 animals to die. As you can see, water pollution is not only bad for animals, but also for humans. Encourage your parents to do simple things that will make a big difference because if you don’t now, pollution will come back later in the future and bite us all right in the butt!

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