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Water Supply Imagine when you wake up tomorrow and there Is no running water to take a shower, brush your teeth, or even have a cold drink. In today's society, we have been experiencing an extreme drought and it is progressively getting worse and worse every day. We as Americans do not realize the harm and danger we are bringing to ourselves by wasting water without even realizing it. Most people don't know how much water they are using; on a daily schedule the average person uses 80-100 gallons per day (EPA. Gob).

With usages like this in our everyday life, our society should mom together and start conserving what little water we do have left. Every drop counts at this point; It Is very critical that people learn to watch their water usage and not letting it go to waste. I believe the Wayne Foundation should aid me in a public service announcement to help protect our water supply while we still have it by cutting back on the water we use and conserving what we do have. I plan to show the importance through my studies that we are running out of water and that there is something YOU can do to help out.

My mall purpose In this study Is to Inform young adults ages 15 through 35 on owe to conserve and protect our water supply, by doing simple task throughout their daily lives. I chose to pick this age group because they are young and can still make an impact in our society by spreading it to others in their surroundings. There are many different ways to conserve our Nations water supply, but we Just have to step back and realize what we are doing wrong and how to fix it. Many problems occur when there Is a lack of knowledge being brought to the community In your city.

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This Is why I am pleading to the Wayne foundation to lad not only me but our Nation as a hole. I believe the primary problem today Is not paying attention when using water in an incorrect manner. The united States population has doubled over the past 50 years, which left us tripling in need for water, and with 36 states facing water shortages and extreme droughts at the end of 2013 ("Greengage"). I want anyone that is interested to volunteer and help as a person to conserve the water he/she uses and Inform others that may be close to you.

People today wait till the last minute to realize that we are In a drought Instead of preparing for It years ahead. For n example, Texas has been experiencing some very dry time periods in the past years, and the word drought, had brought out the word conservation. It is very important to remind yourself that water conservation isn't Just for times of water droughts. Conserving water prevents huge infrastructure such as wasted water treatment plants and allocations systems that deliver the water to the consumers. This can eliminate the need to make big Investments In the new Infrastructure.

By using less water will help during the tight times we will encounter during these water shortages. Water conservation is easy and inexpensive to each individual that wants to help our Nation. We live, drink and worship water on our planet. What is the solution when it is too late to conserve and all the water is gone? It is easy: less than 1 % of our water on earth can be consumed by humans not including animals. The rest is salt water us("Greening EPA"). Communities around the world are experiencing challenges in keeping healthy and affordable water supplies; it is very important to use our water astutely and not Just throw it away.

There are 5 easy ways to help remember to onshore water that actually spells out water. "Wash laundry and dishes with full loads. Always turn off running water. Take shorter showers. Eliminate all or any leaks. Reduce the flow of toilets and shower heads. " By following these 5 easy steps the average person can save up to 50 gallons daily( Obstacles)! An extreme difference can be made if you put forth the effort and do something about it; instead of Just waiting around and letting someone else do it for you.

Everyone knows the simple task on just turning off the facet when brushing your teeth (saving 3000 gallons per year) but here is actually an alternative that doesn't matter if you leave it on or off. Crazy! I know; this company is called Waterlines , which is sponsored by EPA. Using high performance water- efficient devices and water systems that condense water use in the home and helps preserve our nation's water assets. As people throughout our nation begin to face obstacles regarding water supply and infrastructure, this company helps people identify their efficient products and programs.

They help anyone and everyone that is willing to buy their product, which guarantees the paving of money, water and energy ("waterlines. EPA. Go). I will promote this website to help my AS travel even further to the communities around the nation. I will be putting a link on my billboard for more ways to calculate and find alternative ways to save water. My billboard will promote the 5 easy ways to conserve water that I mentioned earlier, with half the board showing an extreme drought and on the other side showing beautiful a water fall. By doing this, it will help people realize what is happening to our nations water supply as we speak.

I plan to put up these billboards al across the nation on every big interstate to make an impact on what we are experiencing. There are many ways to make a difference but actually doing it is the huge problem today. Let's start with something we use in our everyday lives. Toilets are the most commonly used appliances in every household, business, etc. They account for more than 30 percent of all indoor water consumption ("The department of the environment"). Also, toilets are the most wasteful, due to leaks and the 4 gallons of water that gets flushed each time.

There are many high quality toilets, including the ewe dual flush technology made by "waterlines". Dual flush toilets have two different flush volumes; one is for a full flush for solids and another for mainly liquids. Using "waterlines" technology will help in the long run by using high performing water efficient supplies. Let's Just say that if everyone in the United States installed water- efficient supplies, the country would save up to 3 trillion gallons of water and 18 billion dollars per year in use. By doing that it would increase money supply and our nation's water.

For instance, the average washing machine uses up to 40 gallons per dad and if each person installed a high-efficient washing machine("Greengage"). They would be using 40 to 50 percent less water and also contributes to energy saving. All of these new appliances could make an impact in today's society. Research shows that 80% of the nation's health maladies get traced back to unsanitary water that causes sickness and dehydration ("water science and Technology'). My thought source of water. We would then be able to provide the world with unlimited amounts of drinking water.

The hardest part to this would be the process of affording the chicanery to clean out the salt, making it fresh and able to use. Due to the poor usages with water in today's society made me to believe that there are people out there that are willing to help. I Just need you, the Wayne foundation to help me help the nation conserve our water supply before we run out. The billboards that I have designed should be appealing to all ages but directed towards the youth to make a difference in our need for conservation. Every drop counts at this point and it is up to us to make a difference in this lifetime. Citations Drains, R. , M.

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