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Wildlife Conservation

Do you remember going to the zoo as a child? The excitement of seeing something exotic, the terror of hearing a lion roar, the amazement of seeing a giraffe’s long neck. Everyone has a favourite animal. It could be a tiger, an elephant or a hippo.

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Now think of your favourite animal, an animal that in some way or another defined you, dying in the next hour.

It is predicted 3 unique species die out every hour. That’s 72 unique species every day. That’s 23,208 unique species every year. 26,208.

Any animal lover understands the extent of the problem we now face. We are leading ourselves into a cataclysmic hole and in the very near future, the it will threaten the entire destiny of mankind.

Over the last 30 years, over 30,000 species have died. This figure begs belief. Just the thought of there being 30,000 species that will go undocumented by mankind and not seen ever again is a horrific thought.

Some plants are economically and medically very important to humanity. Nearly all drugs have some connection with plants and there is every possibility that an undiscovered plant could cure all diseases around the world. Plants are the root(if you pardon the pun) and cornerstone of the ecologies around the world, and not to mention if plants die out so do we. It’s as simple as that.

If the last few years are to go by , our fortune isn’t looking too good. Carbon emissions have gone up by threefold and 1.5 acres of rainforest are lost every second with tragic consequences for both developing and industrial countries. 129,600 acres of rainforest is lost every day. That’s the equivalent of losing an area of the size of Greece every day.

Now some people may argue that this is just rubbish and the world is not dying, that there is no element of truth in this information at all. All facts used in this leaflet are true. The judgement has to be left to you. Do you think the world is dying?

For those who think the world is dying there is still some hope. As far as I can see , the only way we can save endangered species is by wildlife conservation.

To prevent the extinction of beloved species, there are many things you can do. You can start of by doing small steps such as researching about wildlife preservation or by making the problem more widely known. But if you want to make a bigger change to the way how the world is run you should join wildlife conservation societies such as The Nature Conservancy or the World Wildlife Fund.

If we change our ways we can save the world. If we change our ways we can secure the future. If we change our ways your children will be able to live. But we have to change our habits now.