The Logistics of a Third-World Relief Operation

Last Updated: 12 Mar 2023
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Due to the Internal cooperation and collaboration within INCUR a great amount of knowledge emerges. This knowledge, later, Is shared with other organizations (Nags). The extensive cooperation, coordination and communication are the key successful factors for the productive partnership between both of the companies. They are on the right way because frequently they organize meetings to discuss and Implement Improvements. An Important factor INCUR should consider Is to enter Into an alliance with local government and military.

Military plays a crucial role in this field; he principal reason for reaching an agreement with it is that military possesses security and emergency responses. Cooperation with government can minimize cultural differences between the refugees and the personal of the organizations. While, military participation can be useful when unforeseen events, such as meteorological or political circumstances, occur (e. G. Providing airplanes in order to reduce supplies lead times). From the standpoint of incoming supply and storage of non-food-items (blankets, water cans, kitchen sets...

It can be said that the unit logistic system was not able to predict the amount of goods that would arrive at the warehouse. They did not have any control over the consignments (size, deliveries times); consequently enormous obstacles are likely to arise in satisfying refugees' needs. A solution to this problem can be the implementation of a SIT system. The core of this system is to Increase the productivity through maintaining Inventories at a minimum level. Perhaps, this is a possibility for the necessity of more space than contemplated for non-food items.

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Thus, it would enable them to order the exact amount of food they need. On the one hand, this allows a flexible system that is able to confront unpredictable changes. On the other hand, SIT system may have some disadvantages. In some cases this system would not be able to meet unforeseen orders. The major issue that the senior logistics officer has to face is linked to the transportation of goods. A radical change about it is necessary. Infrastructure in Rwanda Is extremely poor.

Climate, bad roads conditions, non-protective nature of he labor/w;irking conditions for the drivers worsen the situation even more. With regard to the latter, a working day of 8 hours and a drivers' rotation in one Journey, are likely to force simple modifications. These modifications can lead greater operational efficiency. Transport capacities play a pivotal role in improving the management of supplies. Andrew should precisely estimate the exact number of trucks required each time: the duration of the trip, how long it takes to undead 1 OFF other related issues.

Uncertain situations such as inconsistent information or cultural preferences constitute a barrier that could lead to enormous delays and unfulfilled demands. Therefore, delivering the right amount of supplies within the due dates is a task that all involved organizations must satisfy. Moreover, assessment (e. G. Data gathering) before implementing a new relief operation is indispensable in order to build a strong plan. If an organization aims to develop an effective relief logistic system, it is essential to analyze thoroughly its investment in vulnerable transport and communication.

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