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Vocation paper Autosaved

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That is where this article leads us and provides direction on what that means to us in our everyday spiritual lives. I will speak to my vocation(s) and how my calling from God relates to my education and my life in general. A call that I have received is the call to live in a family. God has provided me with a husband and two children. Together my husband and I are in charge of bringing our children up in the Lutheran faith and showing them how to live in a God pleasing way.

My husband and I have taken vows to be faithful and loving to each other and show our children what it means to submit to another. We show them honor to God by going to church. My family has now expanded to include my school family and all those I will come into intact with along my educational journey. The call to work makes you think of your job that you go to everyday. This call is so much more than that. It really means that you put God in everything you do. It States in the article that Christianity values the material world because God created it and saw that it was good.

My decision to come to Wisconsin Lutheran for school was a personal one and provides me with both spiritual growth and intellectual growth. There has been a lot of discussion lately regarding the division of church and state. "Government leaders function with the natural law that the Lord embedded in their consciences to make them better leaders. " God knows that all people are sinners and we need to be protected from those sins, so he provides police officers, judges and soldiers.

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Vocation paper Autosaved

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We as citizens have a responsibility to protect what God Vocation Stirrer 3 has provided for us and help others with this responsibility. We pray for our government as well as pay taxes. The article says "Give to Caesar what is Career's, and to God, what is God's. We show support for government and government shows support to our religious affiliations, but they are separate entities that have specific jobs to do. We have no choice to be in the world. We are born into it by God's grace and we are expected to do the best we can to live a Godly life while experiencing the benefits of what God has created for us.

I believe this section of the article is speaking of not allowing the material things of this world to distract us from the true calling that we have received. We all have a purpose and we should be grateful to God for anything he has provided for us, not always expecting or wanting more. This section also ties into the next three sections of the article. Christians have a responsibility to carry certain burdens, to endure hardships and to be handful for those hardships. We also have a responsibility to not hide our faith but to share it with others joyfully and graciously.

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