Visual Basic for Applications and Staff Members

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EX. NO:1 CONFERENCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM 1. PROBLEM STATEMENT: This project deals with the conference management system . As a students or staff members are required to view the details of conference is going to conduct in various colleges or institutions and to attend the conference to gain knowledge from the conferences . Administrator will add the details about the various conferences available to attend for various department students and staff members.

User will enter into the system by giving the username and password and selection form will be displayed for the user from that department should be selected and depending up on the department the conference management system will show the details of the conferences in various place using Ms Access and Visual basic 6. 0. 2. OVERALL DESCRIPTION: 1. Login Form: Authenticate the user and administrator. 2. Department Selection Form:

This form will give the options for selecting the department to get knowledge about the conference. 3. Conference view Form: This form contains the details about the conferences is conducting by various institutions and we can see the date and time for the conference. 4. Database Form: The details about the conferences going to conduct by various institutions. Administrator can add the details about the conference for the students and also for the staff members. 2. SOFTWARE REQURIEMENTS: 1. Microsoft Visual Basic 6. 0 2. Rational Rose 3. Microsoft Access. 2. 2 HARDWARE REQURIMENTS: 1. 128MB RAM 2. Pentium III Processor 3. STRUCTURE OF DATABASE: Create a table “conf” using Microsoft access with the following attributes: S. NOFIELDTYPESIZE 1. dname varchar 20 2. conferdet varchar 40 3. collname varchar 20 4. date Text 10 5. time Text 05

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