Stakeholders Pursuing Individual and Collective Interests in Partnership with Michelin: Actions to Prepare for Aboriginal Team Members

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The key stakeholders with n interest In the partnership are listed below. We observe that the stakeholders, as a group, pursue both Individual and social/collective Interests: 1) Michelin: interested In securing a sustainable supply of skilled workers to fill as many as 1000 newly-opened jobs in the years to come. 2) The First Nations members in Nova Scotia, as represented by bodies such as the Confederacy and the Union: interested in employment opportunities, greater access to - and acceptance in - the mainstream workforce, and elimination of social stigmas and racism. ) Governments of Canada (API) and of Nova Scotia (Office of Aboriginal Affairs): mineral and Indirect Interest In the wellbeing of Its citizens, their obtainment of relevant education, and their positive participation in the social, work and economic life of the province. As Jim Morrison, we would carry out, or strongly push for, the following actions: Internal resistance - Morrison needs to prepare the internal workforce for the arrival of Aboriginal team members. Michelin staff - at all levels - need to be sensitizes about Aboriginals' key role in the plants' continued success.

Michelin also has to enforce a zero-tolerance policy regarding workplace circumstantial New recruits could be enrolled Into a cross-cultural "buddy system" with another open-minded, experienced worker. Recruitment & training - Michelin has to change its recruitment philosophy and its WAS test. We look to Southwest Airlines: Hire for attitude, train for skill. Michelin should hire for potential and motivation in applicants, not for particular pre-acquired skills. This would likely imply a greater training budget for newly-hired workers. Michelin also needs to streamline the application process and to use recruitment "ambassadors".

Key ambassadors are, for example, the employment officers in Aboriginal reserves: Michelin needs to maintain close ties with these individuals, and make sure that they have all the tools (information, paperwork, etc. ) to perform their role. In addition, Michelin should offer generous incentives for employees who recruit others in the Aboriginal population (akin to a push marketing strategy). Finally, Michelin should partner with a local college to offer a fast-track course designed to provide the very basic requirements for Michelin applications. (We refer, for example, to Microsoft's initiatives. Passing this course successfully would guarantee a job offer from Michelin. Image - Michelin needs to change its image with First Nations. It has to get its employment success stories out the local media and make the company seem more approachable. It could promote a few local plant "heroes" that underemployed Aboriginals would identify with. Transparency - Michelin needs to assess the trade- offs of corporate secrecy vs.. labor needs. We believe that the possible labor scrolls lustiest leaning towards openness. Everyone Knows Tanat Mellon Is milling: now sensitive are its projections - really? Who else is competing for this labor?

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What is the truly critical corporate information? Goals - Michelin has to fix tangible hiring targets. Proponents of affirmative action often say that you need a critical mass of designated minorities (e. G. In a university) to stimulate a natural influx of successful applications. This may be true with Michelin Aboriginal partnership. Michelin should therefore set specific hiring targets and commit to meeting them, even if this requires some reasonable rule bending. As we understand the dynamics of Michelin labor market, no qualified worker is being turned away: no one would be able to suggest that Aboriginals are "stealing Jobs".

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