Verizon’s Wireless Management function

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Verizon Wireless, a joint venture between Verizon Communications and Vodafone, is the largest wireless and wireless data provider company in the United States. The company is based in New Jersey and has over 62 million customers and generated about $ 38 billion in annual revenue in the year 2006. The company has employee strength of about 67000 people (Verizon Wireless, 2007, para 2-4). Impact of Technology in Management at Verizon Wireless The company integrates technology with administration for developing agility and flexibility to sense and respond to the existing and emerging demands in an integrated and proactive way.

The wireless business is dependent on continuous innovations has hence needs to continuously transform. According to Grembergen (2004, p. 53), analogous to IT related business, a dynamically stable organizational structure is required to deliver value to this business. He further states that such an organizational structure should be stable enough to provide the capabilities of service delivery and solution integration and should be sufficiently dynamic to explore new value innovation opportunities. Verizon is an example of this type of integration.

The company follows a Centre for Excellence approach where roles and processes are differentiated for providing technological applications, delivering services and building the required technological competencies. Such an approach to management is known as Network IT enterprise or NITE approach, where some teams focus on needs of the business and contracts with the external service providers, and interact with other internal teams that manages and provides core competencies (Grembergen, 2004, p. 55) As is mentioned above, Verizon Wireless was formed as a result of mergers between companies each having its own modes of operations. Read about FHP wireless

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It was obvious that the company needed to utilize them both and create a new system what was easy to use. Hence, Verizon Wireless designed an award winning system with Terdata known as the Enterprise Data Warehouse EDW. This new technology was made to get a 360 degree view from the customer, and acted as “an integration point for the older and new databases from all the major customer touch points” (DM Review, 2007, para 1). In the above case, the EDW helped Verizon Wireless in controlling data from various checkpoints and integrate into a common platform.

In addition to this, the technology also formed “the foundation for data mining, campaign management and OLAP and ad-hoc reporting and analysis” (DM Review, 2007, para 6). This helped the company in planning their relationship with the customers. Using high-end technology to manage its business functions has enabled Verizon Wireless to gain a commanding position in the wireless market. The company is not only one of the largest wireless companies in the world; it also has the highest customer loyalty in the US market.

This has been possible mainly due to the EDW system developed using state-of-art technology which has led to the company providing improved customer service (DM Review, 2007, para 10). Verizon Wireless has a sophisticated computerized network system which manages the flow of information from one point to another efficiently. This network system combined with an extensive database system enables the company to coordinate and organize its activities, for instance using mnemonic ACT to give complete information to their subscribers (Hazlett, 2006) Conclusion

It can be seen from the above that technology has helped Verizon Wireless in successfully managing its business. The company has used technology to integrate its business in every way – streamline the new operations with the older ventures, manage and enhance customer relations and also coordinate the information flow within the company. This has led to the company becoming a world leader in wireless services within a short p of 7 years.

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