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Verizon Advanced (Otn) Network Design

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The set of complex challenges that an Enterprise might face over time, like –global growth, mobility, threat prevention, collaboration can either contribute to its success or be stumbling blocks. So, working with a company that understands a business, potential limitations, and possible opportunities, really does make a lot of sense. Verizon has the most comprehensive set of capabilities for global, secure communication services that has been achieved through the understanding, expertise, and drive to deliver business solutions that tackle unique challenges.

The entire bouquet of solutions and services that Verizon provides to its customers includes IT Solutions & Data Management, Security Solutions for a 24X7 secure traversal of data and network, Communication Solutions, IP-based Network Solution that makes it possible to connect, communicate, and collaborate in a competitive world, etc. And not only that, Verizon also provides a comprehensive professional service that covers enterprise essentials from building your networks, to making them resilient and secure, to managing what runs on the network.

Apart from the services, Verizon also provides a wide range of product based solutions to its customers. This includes Leading hardware and maintenance plans designed to meet client requirements, world-class voice services from one provider around the globe, largest wholly-owned global IP networks in the world connecting 150 countries on six continents with reliable and secure connectivity, IT hosting facilities, Intelligent routing, voice recognition, and workforce management tools etc.

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In short, the major functions of Verizon can be coined as : Improving a business infrastructure and application performance, securing an Extended Enterprise, enabling business collaboration, connecting a business to its customers, partners, suppliers, and employees.

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