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Venture Capital And Financing Innovation

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The step took by the Art Marks for his diligence process for setting up a new venture company was enthusiastic, as the there were many hurdles like inexperienced and a new management, some problems about investments. But the Art Marks with his other two partners made a successful step for their strategy of Valhalla. They set-upped the new model of “real, win, worth” framework. These three factors were the main cause of success of Art Marks and his diligence process of venture capital.

The new model of Valhalla thus endowed to change the management of TX. They agreed the CEO Dunetz to even change his post of CEO to a newer one. But due to some factors they had to implement the 100 days plan. The Valhalla team, thus, get comfortable with the management of the TX and thus they showed their efficient and well-organized policy of working to run their diligence process.

The Marks step was admirable for the successful deal with TX. The Valhalla team member with their management has done tremendous work in venture capital with a new business. They had proven themselves, thus they unvested in TX and they increased their profits by using new technological developments in telecom field. Thus the overall growth rate was increased by using the principles of Art Marks of sticking to the basics.

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Venture Capital And Financing Innovation

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They offered the integrate solution and approach to many problem by financial view also. The idea of complete investment memo is very interactive and innovative eliminating further chances of errors. The steps of active Board stewardships and finance and research assistance were also quite good steps in the diligence process.


1) William A. Sahlman, Valhalla Partners Due Diligence, Harvard Business School, September 21, 2004.

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