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Review the range of groups and Individual whose communication needs must be addressed In own Job role Communication with doctors surgery Is vital & crucial In our setting. Residents' & family alike are dependent on us to Immediately recognize any sign & symptoms of any type of illness. They will be able to recognize an illness if we will be able to give them signs or symptoms of the residents as we are the one who should know them best.

To a person who has sensory disability I. E. Somebody who has speech impediment will have difficulty explaining where or what the problem is verbally but because we look after them, we get to recognize the symptoms as it enfolds. Making it easier for the doctor to either write up a prescription or refer to the appropriate professional for further investigation. Residents' continue to require the support of community nurses. Meeting with the community nurses on how to improve the services that residents get to avail of & preventative measures that can be done In order to avoid future problems.

Record keeping & monitoring of residents progress should be available for future reference for continuity of care. Residents & families should have access to a social worker & same goes with managers. Should there be concern's about a family or a resident this should be addressed by having a meeting with them. Evidence's should be available to support the concern that is being addressed to. Members of staff has to know that in the event that they need support on anything, help is available. Trainings should be provided for in order for them to do their job role.

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There should also be an evaluation on their performance which should be discussed during their supervision with pointers on areas where they should improve on & be given support & motivation when they have done something right. Members of staff should know the importance of confidentiality and be wary In giving out information as It Is only on a need to know basis. Otherwise, breach of confidentiality Is violated & will have a corresponding repercussion. 1. 2 Explain how to support effective communication within own Job roles The role of the manager is to empower and promote the individuals rights.

During the pre- assessment you should be able to identify what type of support on the residents' daily living we can be of help in order to promote independence & their dignity intact. Residents thru our help should have access to healthcare professionals so as not to limit their capacity. Involvement & support from families & friends are Important as thru them we will be able to take know the person more & be able to support them In a way familiar to them. If for example a resident suffers from dysphasia working with a speech therapist will do the trick.

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