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Promote Equality and Inclusion

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Promoting Equality And Inclusion I am writing this booklet to inform all members of staff, adult carers, children and young people about supporting understanding and to raise awareness of equality, diversity and inclusion. Equality and inclusion are moral and legal obligations. As a practitioner you have a role in ensuring that in all aspects of your work every personas given opportunities to thrive and prevent any barriers that may stop them from reaching their full potential. Equality and inclusion are moral and legal obligations.

As a practitioner you have a role in ensuring that in all aspects of your work every personas given opportunities to thrive and prevent any barriers that may stop them from reaching their full potential. Diversity. Diversity means difference. People are different in values such as race, religion, beliefs, disability, sex and values. Even though people are different this doesn’t mean they are excluded from society, everyone has similarities such as common interests. ‘Diversity refers to the differences in values, attitudes, cultures, beliefs, skills and life experience of each individual in any group of people. ’(Meggit, C. 011, Page 27) Equality ‘Equality is about creating a fairer society, where everyone can participate and has the opportunity to fulfill their potential’ (London deanery, 2012). Equality does not mean that everyone has to be treated the same. People have different needs and ambitions, every person should have equality of opportunity. Promoting equality should remove discrimination in all of the areas of bullying, harassment or victimization. Inclusion ‘Inclusion is a term used to describe the process of ensuring the equality of learning opportunities for all children and young people, whatever their disabilities or disadvantages. (Meggit, C. 2011, page 27). Children and young people should be able to have the opportunity to do well. This is the opposite to discrimination. Discrimination Discrimination is not treating people equally based on personal characteristics, such as race and colour. Discrimination is usually based on prejudice and stereotypes. A prejudice is a pre-conceived opinion or in favour of something. It is prejudging someone knowing little about them but jumping conclusions because of a characteristic such as their appearance. A stereotype is a person or thing that conforms to an unjustifiably fixed, usually standardised, mental picture.

The most common stereotypes are: sex and gender, racial origins, cultural or social background, disability and age. There are two types of discrimination : direct discrimination- This is when a child is treated less favourably than others for example being bullied is direct. ‘Indirect discrimination-this is when a condition is applied that will unfairly affect a particular group of children or young people’. (Meggitt,C (2011) p. 29) Potential effects of discrimination Discrimination prevents children and young people from developing a feeling of self-worth or self-esteem.

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Being discriminated against can last the whole child’s life. This means that they may not be able to fulfill their full potential maybe in school and in life they will find it hard to form relationships with others such as teachers and friends this is down to the lack of confidence they have from the discrimination and also lack of self-esteem and self-worth. They will eventually believe the stereotype or label they have being given from the discrimination against them and behave in accordance to others expectations and accordingly to the stereotype.

The child or young person may feel like they are to blame for their unfair treatment and so withdraw themselves; this may lead to aggression and will prevent children and young people from interacting cooperatively with other children and young people. H ow inclusive practice promotes equality and supports diversity ‘Inclusive practice is term used within education of ensuring equality of learning opportunities for all children and young people whatever their disabilities or disadvantages. ’ (Meggit,C,2011, page 30).

We have a diverse population and some of this diversity brings with it a range of social and educational issues that practitioners will need to recognise, understand and work with. All practitioners must work in a way that supports equality of opportunity and promotes diversity and inclusion. This means breaking down barriers that prevent children and young people from fulfilling their full potential. You must challenge all discrimination and follow the laws and policies set in your workplace.

Differentiate all activities set to enable all children take part and achieve this is promoting equality, also promote all positive attitudes towards diversity by making sure all that the materials, toys, books and displays reflect the diverse society that we live in. Practitioners Bibliography London deanery available at http://www. faculty. londondeanery. ac. uk/e-learning/diversity-equal-opportunities-and-human-rights/what-is-equality-and-diversity (accessed on the 4th October 2012) Meggit,C. Kamen,T. Bruce,K. Grenier,J. (2011)children and young people’s workforce. 1st edition. London;Hodder Education.

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