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On a daily basis within my current role I maintain a high level of communication in various ways with residents and their families, medical practitioners, colleagues internal staff, other professionals, and external agencies e. t. c. The ability to communicate effectively breaks barrier, it enhances learning and accomplishes goals. My level of communication within my current role is of extreme importance with regards to the individuals who are at the heart of all communication of the establishment.

I ensure that whatever the form of communication, be it written, electronic, organisational, promotional, verbal, non-verbal, confidentiality is maintained at all times. Effective communication is what enables all the different departments to work well within an organisation including liaising with external agencies and individuals such as the CQC, Social Services, and health professionals, In my current role I ensure that all forms of communication is clear and precise, that it has a purpose, it could be to inform, to instruct, to convince or to serve some other purpose.

Communication is said to be successful when the desired objective is attained. In my current role I sometimes use body language as I do with words with some individuals this could be facial expressions, eye contact, movement of arms, hands and legs or focus my eyes on the individual but without intimidating the individual. I communicate in ways that respect the individuals' and key people's rights and concerns, using individuals' preferred method of communication and languages, for example when I am dealing with individual with hearing or sight impairments I ensure my communication is clear and not lengthy.

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I ensure that I come as close to them as possible without evading their personal space and that they can see my face, I speak slowly and clearly and speak to them in a way that i would like to be spoken to myself. When i ask a question I usually wait for the answer, even if it takes a little longer to come than usual. I use various ways to break down information to enable the residents to have a good understanding, for example using pictorial methods to promote choice and independence enabling me to understand what it is they want and need.

I would also use this to help them understand which staff will be working with them, help them understand they have appointments with the doctors, dentist, optician or hairdresser etc In my current role we use two types of communication methods to deal with families and relatives. This is due to different backgrounds and relationships they have with them. For example one service user is very involved with his family and is very open with them and wants them to be involved in most aspects of his life, but we respect his decision that he would like his family to be on a need to know basis.

There are guidelines in place which I follow when dealing with another service user’s family a professional but pleasant manner is used to communicate a strictly no sharing of information I support effective communication by various methods within my job role. I ensure a detailed handover of daily event is carried out for continuity of care and ensure that a record of daily events is written in the communication book and it it accessible.

I ensure the regular scheduling of staff, relatives and resident for meetings, I send out memo and emails for notification when planning meetings or events and a planned agenda is being distributed to the relevant parties and requests for any suggestions in additions to the agenda which will be beneficial in opening the lines of communication. I ensure that minutes of meetings are taken and distributed to relevant parties following the meeting. Within my job role I communicate with a variety of people. These include residents, relatives, employees and colleagues within the larger sanctuary group team.

I also communicate with external professionals, social services and safeguarding teams. On a larger scale I maintain communication with the regional team, head office and support systems within sanctuary. I also have a part to play in the communication with the inspecting authorities such as CQC I am always looking for ways to improve communication systems in order to meet the needs of the residents and to help promote partnership working with colleagues, health professionals, social workers etc. I review practice and look at what others have written, if there is any thing i could adapt or adopt.

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