Types Of Interviews And How To Ask a Questions

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Unless you are fascinated by the rich variation in human experience, qualitative interviewing will become drudgery" "If participant observation means 'walk a mile in my shoes', then in-depth interviewing means 'walk a mile in my head" Interviews as conversations with a purpose conversational style but interviews are not naturally occurring conversations he interaction is one-sided the interviewer has an agenda interviewing requires skills the interaction is recorded Types of interviews There are at least 3 major types of interviews:

  • The standardized (formal or structured) interview
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  • The unsubstantiated (informal or nondestructive) Interview
  • The compartmentalized (guidedsemistructured or focused) interview
  1. Standardized interview. The standardized interview uses a formally structured schedule of interview questions.  The interviewers are required to ask subjects to respond to each question. That all the questions have been worded in a manner that allows subjects to understand clearly what they are being asked
  2. The Unsubstantiated Interview In contrast to the rigidity of standardized interviews, unsubstantiated interviews do not utilize schedules of questions. Interviewers must develop, adapt, and generate questions and follow-up probes appropriate to the given situation and the central purpose of the investigation
  3. Complementarities interview This type of interview involves the implementation of a number of predetermined questions and/or special topics. These questions are typically asked of each interviewee in a systematic and consistent order, but he interviewers are allowed freedom to digress.
  • Essential Questions. Essential questions exclusively concern the central focus of the study.They may be placed together or scattered throughout the survey, but they are geared toward eliciting specific desired information
  • Extra Questions. Extra questions are those questions roughly equivalent to certain essential ones but worded slightly differently. These are included in order to check on the reliability of responses (through examination f consistency in response sets) or to measure the possible influence a change of wording might have .

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