Try Something New for 30 Days

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Try something new for 30 days. Do you believe that by doing something new for 30 days can change our life? Is this possible…? The great American philosopher Morgan Spurlock says that 30 day challenges or trying something new for those days will change our life. Matt Cutts was ordinary computer scientist who couldn’t make a progress in his life. Nevertheless, after reading this book he had learned many things and made changes in 30 days. The question is will his idea does work to everyone..? I like this ideas a lot and definitely support it in right way and I believe that 30 days are enough to make changes in our life.

It is an opportunity to start something new, and try something that you always wanted to do. Perhaps, it is all about adding new or subtracting “bad” habits and trying to set a goal or plans to accomplish in 30 days. This article shows us how Matt has made his life better by doing simple changes. First, if we want to make our life better, we should set positive goals, than move forward and work to add a new habit, than try to stop unhealthy behaviors and habits. It means that we need to make simple changes like Matt did. For example; he was a computer dupe, however he had tried new simple things in 30 day which he had never done.

Certainly we also can do it and make a better life. The best way to do these 30 day s challenges is to understand what we really want, than to be in the mood of it, and last thing is just start it. As a result it will give us many positive benefits. Furthermore, people can force their self to do many activities and become an organized. People who have bad habits as a smoking or drinking can change it by adding a new one. Smoking may replaced by some healthy foods. Consequently those changes can give an opportunity to keep their money also their health.

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Second is adding new habits, it can be everything which people have always wanted to do, however in 30 days it might change their life. I had a friend, who had no idea about music, but he has started to sing and singing became his habit. Now he is making good music career. In conclusion I would like to mention that many people fare afraid to do something new, because they got accustomed to these things. However Matts article motivated us to do something new by giving his advices and examples from his live. We can use his idea to control our goal, to schedule tasks and projects and make our life better.

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