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Tkam Reflection

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Gem an d Scout have a life head of them that Tactics can look forward too. With this, Attic's good sense e of morality partially comes from the fact that he has to teach his children the right lesson. If the book went on for another twenty years, I believe that Gem and Scout would have a better life with a better sense of morality that Male would. Also, Bob's bad sense of morality affect De the characters around him and even caused the life of a human. Since, Bob has a poor sense of morality, he does not feel bad blaming his beating of Male on Tom Robinson.

Tom was obviously innocent and died trying to escape jail which Bob put him in. In a way, Bob is r expansible for Tom's death. Did not realism how the morality of someone could be affected and how morality makes a difference on a person before reading To Kill a Mockingbird. Throughout this essay, I had a lot of positives and negatives. I would say had more negatives than positives but eventually worked them out. The easiest part of the essay for me was writing the parts the parts not about the quotes and research.

For exam el saying, "Bob Lowell lives a very poor life with nothing to look forward to. " was a lot easier that n explaining a quote. This is because quotes and evidence were extremely hard to come by when writing this paper. Most of the entrees by scholars I looked through did not explain how morality affected the characters, yet they explained that "Bob's sense of morality was not right". Ho waver, would eventually find a good article such as Laurie Champion's that explained morale TTY in the book in depth. I also wrote two essays.

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The first one finished well before the due data but realized I was talking about the wrong information. Deleted most of it and started over. The sees were some challenges and some positives of writing this essay. Learned some interesting facts about myself as a writer when wrote this sees ay. One of the biggest one was the fact that I talk about my opinions and what I have to s ay too much. When started to write this essay, actually wrote the whole thing without maybe on e or quotes. I believed the essay was perfect but I knew I had to add quotes.

I learned that I could write a lot eased on what I read throughout doing my research. Also learned that if I pr ovoid myself with an outline, can write the essay a lot smoother. When I started writing the sees ay, I had no idea what points I was going to bring up when talking about the specific topic. I ma De myself an outline and was able to write the essay a lot smoother. If I could go back and fix anything about my essay I would probably add more quotes and evidence. I did not use that many quotes compared to my friends and if I had time would find more information.

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