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Kazuo Ishiguro’s “The Last Supper” is a successful story that depicts the traditions and cultures of a Japanese family. With this simple plot of the story, he was able to show stages for a flow of emotion and descriptions that hauls into the family form.

The narrative opens with an account of the narrator’s mother dying a painful death after eating fugu fish which have poison if not properly prepared. After the death of the narrator’s mother, the family together with the father and sister of the narrator had set for a supper that seems to be the last after that incident. The author shows conflicts in the story that has come to be its main thesis of the story.

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The first conflict is a conflict of man against himself. The father blamed himself for the destruction of his family.  Ishiguro reveals this as a representation of everyday life. Every family knows that they cannot raise their family well enough if communication is not present within and because of this conflicts arises which is mostly difficult to resolve.

The third is the character in the story such as the son whose is the main character who is unsure of what he is going to do: whether he should stay in Japan or leave to America, not sure he lost touch of his family, has poor relationship with his father, but a good relationship with his sister.

The other character is his sister Kikuko who was referred to as the “good girl” by her father, obedient daughter in front of her father, completely different with her brother such as boyfriend, smoking, thinking of moving, and finally the father who battles with himself over failure of his son, not raising him well enough, lost his wife, he lives alone, hard man, but now has time on his hands so he builds things such as ships from the war, he still wants to have his family reunited back.

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