A Reflection of My Spirituality

Last Updated: 21 Mar 2023
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Waking up each morning, I thank God for giving me another day, for the gift of life and all gifts of nature. Truly, all around me comes from God who has created everything.

The Almighty has given this earth for me to develop and cherish. Human life itself is a great miracle and everyday this miracle happens every minute across the globe. God is manifested in the beautiful sceneries of nature, from the mountains to the seas to the universe to the birth of a child.

I see the purpose for which God has shared His splendor and presence in me through these wonders of nature. It is because He wants me to get close to Him, to know Him better, and to love Him more. He is telling me that He is everywhere and that He is always there when I needed His help.

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Nature is the mirror for which God reflects Himself so that I could recognize Him and His glory. When problems arise I would usually commune with nature to seek refuge watching the waves and listening to the waters in the beach or go mountain climbing and see the world from above. Just by appreciating God’s handiworks is enough for me to see life much better amidst the uncertainties that lie ahead. God communicates through our environment.

From the beginning, God has created this world for us to nourish but now we neglect this duty and could possibly face annihilation as it is slowly happening this very moment.

Taking this walk with nature enriches my spirituality because nature itself is spiritual and Godly since it is not made by man. This walk is a learning experience that strengthens not only my knowledge about God but most of all my faith in God.

Through this walk I came to understand that the future of mankind depends solely on the condition of our environment. The Almighty has given us paradise but we have turned it into a swamp. In nature, He has provided us with the necessity to live. We need to develop and use the resources wisely but we have come to abuse these resources for our personal gains and hasten the destruction of our environment. Is this how we repay God for giving us this earth so we could live in His presence?

The simple message I received from this walk with awareness is that this world will end if we fail to stop the exploitation and cruelty to our surroundings. It is very unfortunate that our planet has come to this and we are now experiencing the effects of pollution and global warming. We contributed much to polluting the earth but at the same time we can solve this problem by changing our lifestyle and way of thinking that nature is God’s gift to us.

However this awareness did come easy because for many years I did not really see the value of nature in my life. I have taken for granted its meaning just like clothes that you can dispose of and buy a new one. In this time of modernization, I find it difficult to feel God’s presence. I am too distracted more often by the new technology and commercialization that I forget He existed.

You could hardly see the best of nature in cities when all you can see are buildings. Indeed, this is a great challenge in practicing my spiritual life where concentration is hard to achieve. The best thing is that I try to live my faith each day. At times I fail but I move on and try again.

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How do I express my spirituality?
Spirituality is a very personal experience, so there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Some people find that expressing their spirituality through prayer, meditation, or other spiritual practices helps them to connect with their inner self and the divine. Others may find that expressing their spirituality through art, music, or nature helps them to feel connected to something greater than themselves. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide how best to express your spirituality.
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Spirituality is a personal connection to something greater than oneself. It is a way of understanding and connecting with the world around us, and can involve beliefs, practices, and rituals that help us to find meaning and purpose in life.

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