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What do you think is the most important emerging issue in the design of work?

In my opinion, some of the most important issues that are emerging in the design of work are the specific aspects of a job. Telecommuting, alternative work patterns, technostress and skill development are some of these issues. (Cengage Learning, 2010, p.

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228) Upon reading the case study for the Coca-Cola Company, I think that they are already addressing the issue of skill development. Coca-Cola appears to be looking for individuals who are motivators, innovators and competent enough to do the job.

By implementing the core values and the mission of their company, Coca-Cola seems to have a staff of professionals that have bought into the happiness and optimism of the company. Building the company brand and allowing staff the power of autonomy is an influential factor of empowerment for any organization. This is what makes Coca-Cola so successful. Discuss the most likely organizational design for Coca-Cola Company. The most likely design is having a formal structural dimension with a decentralized decision making authority.

The company seems to have a machine bureaucracy structural configuration. It would need to have strong formalization in order to maintain its product line globally at a high quality level. The design would also need to be specialized and standardized in order to decentralize the decision making locally. The vision at Coca-Cola serves as the framework for their Roadmap and guides every aspect of their business by describing what they need to accomplish in order to continue achieving sustainable, quality growth.

People: Be a great place to work where people are inspired to be the best they can be. Portfolio: Bring to the world a portfolio of quality beverage brands that anticipate and satisfy people’s desires and needs. Partners: Nurture a winning network of customers and suppliers, together we create mutual, enduring value. Planet: Be a responsible citizen that makes a difference by helping build and support sustainable communities. Profit: Maximize long-term return to shareowners while being mindful of our overall responsibilities.

Productivity: Be a highly effective, lean and fast-moving organization. (The Coca-Cola Company, 2006-2011) By integrating this vision into the design process, Coca-Cola has goals that are not only attainable, but rewarding to the employees, customers and stockholders. From a job design perspective, how would you interpret what these seven employees of The Coca-Cola Company say about the secret ingredients that make their jobs so refreshing? My interpretation of these seven employees comments are that Coca-Cola uses a job characteristic theory in approaching the hiring of employees.

The employees see the value of their job performance. They also understand their responsibility within the company and the effect that their job performance has on the mission. I think that Coca-Cola has effectively designed the jobs within the company to motivate the employees. Based on their responses, the level of employee engagement seems high. What information contained in the seven employees’ comments about their jobs relates to the core job characteristics of skill variety?

Skill variety is defined as “the degree to which a job includes different activities and involves the use of multiple skills and talents of the employee. ” (Cengage Learning, 2010, p. 223) Coca-Cola showcases the skills and talents that the employees bring to the job. They do this by giving the employees opportunities to learn and grow both personally and professionally. The company also encourages employees to bring their unique ideas and expertise to the forefront and act upon them; this allows the employees to express more of their personality at work.