What were the most important 5 environmental facts that you learned for this semester?

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1. Business issues and environmental issues can not be separated. The environmental problems that the world faces today can not be completely resolved unless business world becomes a helping force in resolving them. Business world has the social responsibility to help resolve the environmental issues. It is inevitable to indulge corporate world in solving the issues of environment since they are one of the major contributors of the environmental problems in the first place, because industrialization and other forms of product production are caused by human activity. . There is a strong relationship between environmental protection and corporate competitiveness. Hoffman presented two schools of thought: a. the win- win perspective b. the win- lose perspective. Surely, there are disadvantages of environmental protection to the companies’ sense of competitiveness however those environmental programs can also open up to many opportunities and new ideas to these companies. Business should always be more than profit. 3. Environmental issues and problems are sometimes lamented and perceive as a market failure.

The issue is sometimes selfishly approach by the corporate world for the purpose of only regulatory compliance. For them, environmental issues are unwanted constraining factors that restrict them to gain more profit. 4. The concept of environmental responsibility challenges the corporations to handle and consume the material resources wisely. The limited choices challenge the business world to be more creative in designing products that will conform to the standards of environmentalism.

According to Hoffman, different challenges in developing new products, processes and raw materials in the face of environmental demands are within industries today. 5. Recycling sometimes uses more energy than it saves which make it a questionable environmental strategy. It is more cost effective to look for new products in nature than in the artificial and costly laboratory environment (Hoffman p. 21). That’s why resources must be creatively seek in nature itself without compromising its destruction.

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In the next 3 years how will you use what you learned in those chapters 1,2,3,4,5 ? As a social responsible individual, it is significant to always reconsider the issues of environment before establishing a business. As for me, business must take into account environmental concerns in addition to business’ and economic progress. One of the values a company should live by is to fulfill their human responsibility to protect the environment for future consumption.

The further destruction of the environment if not stop must be prevented. As an educated person who has given the opportunity to learn on how to cope with environmental issues in the corporate world, I have a greater responsibility to adhere to the governmental or internal regulations for the protection of the environment. As for my company, I will create new innovated products derived from environmental activities. I believed that handling environmental issues or concerns are a matter of perspective.

It can be viewed as something beneficial that may create many opportunities for business people such as the managers to work on various kinds of environmental strategy. I will indulge myself to environmental activities that will help me acquire knowledge that I could impose to my future employees. Environmental issues must not be taken as a threat to the company’s sense of competitiveness but rather it must be approach in a manner that it will open many opportunities.

Environmental as Hoffman stresses should not be regarded as restrictions for market development. Definitely, my business framework and one of my business ethical standards will be a proponent of environmental conservation. Employees and people who will consume my products should be aware as well. If we were to do the class over what information would you like to see included? Almost all the information that a business student needs in regards to the relationship of environmental issues and corporate world has been discussed.

However, I would like the class to discuss more on the issues of world ecosystem as capital assets for economic progress. It is significant in my own opinion to further discuss the vital services of ecosystem including the production and innovation of goods to motivate business minded people to indulge themselves in environmental concerns. Also the class should help the future business minded people in terms of fundamental steps in decision making in choosing the best products to establish that will conform to the state’s environmental programs.

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