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What aspect of business excites you most? How do you hope to contribute?

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What aspect of business excites you most? How do you hope to contribute?

Business is my passion, as it is my long time ambition to become a businessman. I am most interested in the financial aspect of business, as well as the present business triangle of technology, economy, and environmental management. I see these as important aspects that need to be well-balanced. I hope to give my contribution to the field by applying my personal experiences and coming up with effective plans of time management, reduction of costs, formulation of alternative strategies, flexibility, and control. In my view, it is significant to invest in an up-to-date technology and machinery to guarantee profit and gain competitive advantage. However, these advancements undeniably pose environmental threats that can be harmful to humans and to the earth. Therefore, when the time comes that I will be running my own business, I will make sure that my company’s measures and policies cater to both environmental protection and business gains.

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My passion and dream of building my own business strengthened as I gained firsthand experience in the field. In the summer of 2005, I worked as an office clerk in Manulife Financial Limited. My task involved data inputting and shadowing managers. This experience instilled in me a basic knowledge on the fundamental system of investment and finance, which truly encouraged me to be involved in financial business in the future.

Moreover, in (______________ Please fill in with the name of your college), my leadership skills and participation were developed. I actively participated in clubs and extracurricular activities that were highly commended by the College. I was one of the youngest leaders in school, involved in the management and administration of clubs.

Furthermore, I widened my horizons as I became an international student. I was recommended by my high school to participate in the Singapore Exchange Program. The experience and cultural exchange with National Junior College, a highly-recognized high school in Singapore, not only broadened my international exposure, but also developed my leadership, communication, and people skills.

With my background in finance and management and my leadership skills, I wish to be admitted to the BSBA program of Kenan-Flagler Business School. I believe I still need much training and knowledge to realize my dream of putting up my own business, and I regard the Kenan-Flagler as my channel towards that dream. I truly have a special interest in understanding the functioning of the business world, thus a degree in Finance would equip me with the fundamental knowledge that is essential in making me a capable business leader in the future. However, nowadays, enterprises are facing more and more challenges; therefore, a solid accounting system and a thorough financial planning are essential for a firm to flourish. Hopefully, in the near future, I can contribute by putting up a company that is progressive, strong, leading, and socially and environmentally responsible, with the excellent training that you will give me and the personal experiences and strategies I have.

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