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The website CIO. com is mainly a portal that caters to chief information officers and information technology (IT) leaders. Its structure is similar to an online publication where articles, news, and other links related to the field are posted and can be viewed by the general public. The main purpose of the website is to provide the leaders and frontrunners in business and technology with information, analysis, and insights on the field of information technology and its relation to business practices, plans, and strategies.

In other words, it is mainly a site that contains information as to how information technology can help businesses achieve their targets and goals with respect to economic trends and the latest technological advancement, among others. Moreover, it also provides the latest news on the economy and other pertinent fields that can impact the field of business and IT. Furthermore, it also shows potential job openings on the fields of engineering, software development, and positions related to information technology.

In addition, it also contains information on business organization in the field of IT, budget, project, management, staffing, and over-all business leadership. However, the website is not solely for entrepreneurs, businessmen, and information technologists, but also consumers and ordinary people who have stakes or interests in the various fields that the site encompasses. Over-all look and target audience Over-all the CIO. com website has a professional look and feel because, as mentioned above, it mainly tackles Information technology topics and trends and how the field can help businesses attain their goals.

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Its main target audiences are business executives, information technology personnel, and generally corporations and companies that are covered and make use of technological tools or equipment in their daily businesses. It also targets potential candidates for various employment positions across the United States. Usefulness of the site Generally, the main use of the site its vast pool of information. It contains the latest news on information technology and associated business, the economy, and virtually anything that uses technology.

For example, if one wants to see an analysis of the effects of U. S. President Barack Obama’s tax on outsourcing, various articles can be found within the site. These articles show figures and facts that can help one understand President Obama’s taxes. One can also land an IT-related job in the website’s job-ads section. On the other hand, if one wants to see the latest trends in IT, such as new laptops and PDAs, among others, one can find hundreds of articles regarding these topics and complete with information such as pricing and projected figures.

Moreover, if one is seeking advice on leadership and organizational management, one can find a variety of these articles on these topics within the site. One can also post blogs regarding a topic in the website where other viewers can comment and share their inputs, thoughts, and ideas. In other words, the website contains a great deal of information that can be useful to almost anyone, especially those involved in businesses. It can also facilitate the exchange of information which is necessary in growth and development.

Notable Links One of the features of the site that is very interesting is its “How To” Section. It is basically a do-it-yourself source of information where a viewer or a reader can get useful tips on budget management, managing a stressed staff, story-telling, and even ideas on how to survive the global economic recession that is crippling various countries across the world today. Other significant things Although at first glance, one can assume that CIO. com is strictly for people in the business and IT sector.

However, the website also contains light-themed articles. For example, one article “Facebook Quiz: Beware the Hidden Dangers,” explains how certain Facebook applications may secretly charge a person for accessing it. Another article, “Twitter Bible: Everything You Need To Know About Twitter,” outlines the basics of the website Twitter and its uses and proper etiquette among others. Bottom-line Evaluation Over-all, the CIO. com website is a highly useful resource for information on various fields.

Although it primarily caters to businesses and companies that are powered by IT, it can also provide significant information on other light technology such as Facebook and Twitter, and other websites. It also provides inspirational and useful advice on leadership, management, and other information that can actually be used in everyday life. In short, the website is a well-rounded and multi-dimensional source of knowledge, advice, and other beneficial information.


International Data Group Company. (2009). CIO. com. Retrieved May 14, 2009 from http://www. cio. com/.

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