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The Tomb of Shihuangdi

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THE TOMB OF SHIHUANGDI Assignment 1: The Tomb of Shihuangdi Anesha Fair (Davis) Professor Christina Trego HUM-111 November 4, 2012 Archeologists have unraveled the mysterious plan of the tomb of Shihuangdi. The tomb is a 2,200 years old structures, and famous for being the home of 7,000 terracotta horses and warriors. In addition the covering is 2. 13 square kilometers. “The revelation of the structure is the greatest achievement in study of the Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum in the past 40 years. Furthermore archeologist has discovered construction over hundreds of square kilometers and a little more than 600 tombs of those burned alive with the emperor. Workers began digging into the ground outside the city of Xian, China, to their greatest awakening archeologist discovered a large sized clay tomb poised and filled with thousands clay soldiers in battle position. The clay soldiers were also found with their facial expressions in a unique manner, and positioned according to their rank.

The theory provided is the best one to explain. Such an event impacted many lives and the mystery of The Tomb of Shihuangdi kept many people wondering. Taking a closer look into history Ying Zheng was the first Emperor of Qin. He took the throne in 246 B. C. Ying Zheng was 13 years of age. During the time of his rain he invasion the Great wall. After a short time period had occurred Ying Zheng began laboring many workers for his special project. Such a number as 700,000 on this project that would bring their life to a end.

Furthermore the mystery of the tomb is filled with “models of places, pavilions and officers as well as fire vessels precious stones and rarities. ” A mystery questioning why and what was the reason Ying Zheng deceived so many soldiers and trapping them into their death hiding models of palaces and precious stones of such, what was he really covering up? Questions only he could answer.

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