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The Texas Music Educators Associate

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The Texas Music Educators Associate consists of different types of bands, orchestras and choirs. Clarinet are also found in the said group. In Texas, there are 5,500 high school musicians and vocalists who audition for the TMEA All State, but only two percent make the cut.

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The participants become more competitive each year, for new music are expected to be learned in such short amount of time. Interested wind players are expected to learn and perfect three one-page etudes, to be played in the November auditions.

In preparation for the said auditions, I used an All-State clarinet etude book, to learn the pieces and make it to the top 2% of the batch. January 6, 2008 was the day I became one of the sixty three clarinet players to be accepted in the prestigious organization. Striving to be an outstanding musician has always been a challenge. I remember my freshmen year when I was still naïve on the existence of such organization. I would regularly meet with my private tutor, who always believed that I had the capacity to make it big one day.

As I found out about TMEA, I became encouraged to join, yet was still unaware of the difficulties I had to face in order to succeed. My initial goal was to make it to the first round sand earn an impressive score on my first class solo at the Solo and Ensemble contest. This recognition I would receive would also help me to receive a letterman’s jacket. Unfortunately, I lacked the confidence and guidance to work harder and fulfill my dream of becoming a musician. I realized that I needed to be more focused with my craft and become more determined than ever perfecting each note in order to make the clarinet produce beautiful music.

The following year, I decided to change my music teacher. I wanted to learn new things, and break my old barriers in order to achieve my goals. My new teacher was extraordinary. She made me believe in myself, and made my learning incredibly fun. I was slowly recovering from insecurities, and am a fighter for all seasons. Although I was relatively busy with my extracurricular activities in school, I was able still able to manage my time and practice my music. The competition was tougher, and I was determined to make it to the final round.

I was able to show the people my true emotions through the way I played my clarinet. Eventually, I was placed eleventh in the competition-two slots short of the competition for only nine were needed. Junior year was the hardest school year in high school. Time was needed to fulfill all the requirements, and impress the judges for the All-State Concert Band 2008. Although I was not able to make it to the final round, I am still proud of my accomplishments. I was able to improve my craft, and show the world that anything is possible if you just put your heart into it.