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The Similarities between My Mother and Me

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I love my mother very much. She is not only a strong woman but also a great mother.

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The Similarities between My Mother and Me

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. Most of my hobbies and habits are learned from my mother. Therefore, my mother and I have many similarities, such as liking adventure games, gift giving to loved ones on special occasions, and enjoying outdoor activities. Both my mother and I like adventure games.

When I was seven years old, she took me and my sister to go to a national park, a huge park with many games. My mother wanted us to join in a game, which has a boat falling from a very high waterfall. While my sister expressed fear, I was curious to try it. I still remember that when our boat reached the top of the waterfall, it suddenly stopped and began to move downward. I was very scared and crying. My mother tried to assure me that everything would be fine. She wanted me to overcome the fear of heights as well as be ready to face all the challenges in life.

So far, I am more courageous, and we often spend more time to participate in adventure games. My mother loves to give gifts on special occasions, and so do I. On holidays, we often go shopping to choose a special gift for loved ones. My mother said that a gift is a symbol of love and regard. To me, gift-giving helps bring people closer together. Also, gift-giving is traditional in my country. By gift-giving, we thank loved ones and wish them happiness. It may be valuable items or simply the greeting card, but more importantly is how you send the gifts.

I especially love Christmas, when wishes come true. As a child, I still looked forward to receiving gifts from Santa. Now I can understand their meaning, and I would like to bring joy and happiness for everyone. Both of us enjoy outdoor activities. Last Sunday, my family spent time together at the Silverwood Lake. While my aunties and my mom were doing barbeques, my cousins and I built some tends which was my favorite work. After lunch, we decided to go hiking upward a hill. It was so windy. Unfortunately, my mother forgot to bring her overcoat, so she could not go too far away.

How absent-minded was she! Anyway, we still had a lot of fun. My mom often tell me that enjoying Mother Nature can be serene, and camping can be economical, build family spirit. I personally think that getting outdoors benefits everything from improved eyesight to more brain function through being more creative. So, we have shared enjoying this activity more 10 years. In conclusion, I love my mom for the good values she has given me

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