The Role of HR Department in the Hiring of the New Employees

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Before turning to the factors affecting the proper organization of a Human Resources department and its role in hiring new employees, briefly need to stress the organization of the department itself. National Hellenic Land and Property Register consist of HR Executive Manager, two HR generalists, one HR coordinator and one HR assistant.

The binding function of human resource management to business strategy at the operational, administrative and strategic level, facilitating managers and line workers and the continuous monitoring of developments, both internal as well as external highlighting role of Human Resources into a modern enterprise, and demonstrate the importance of the department. Recruitment and selection of staff responsibilities are exclusively assigned to the Executive Manager of Human Resources.

The manager is responsible for all actions relating to vacant or new job, promotions and personnel movements, and maintains the necessary number of employees by carrying out recruitment. The departures of employees and management mainly for reasons of retirement have resulted in the evacuation of jobs. Usually outgoing are people with enough experience in positions of responsibility. Thus the filling of these positions is usually done with internal recruitment. In particular, the HR manager is obliged to communicate in the form of circulars typically jobs that are to be met.

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The same procedure is followed in the event that created new jobs, but in which they can meet their employees with the knowledge and experience they possess. The various movements, promotions and retirements are leaving them uncovered jobs, responding mainly to simple tasks without supervision and accountability. To meet the specific positions, HR Department addresses recourse to external recruitment. As already mentioned, the decision to conduct large- scale recruitment is solely the responsibility of the manager.

Usually in the medium term cared to cover positions internally (delay Promotions - assignment of multiple tasks), while intakes are in the long periodic basis by conducting external competitions. The HR manager is responsible for the organization and conduct of these competitions, and for notification of job vacancies nationwide. Analyzing the recruitment process shows that there are some points that need improvement. First, the company needs to unblock the recruitment process from the logic of the periodic competitions.

It is appropriate to be recruited annually, based programming needs already done the Human Resources Department. Even through ``external recruitment should be extended tank pumping concerned, possibly by linking the company with the finance departments of Greek universities to attract people most concerned with the essential object of activity of the National Hellenic Land and Property Register, given that as the situation today , the attraction is rather random``(Petrakis, 2012) , however, and certainly without any necessary filters.

The only case where it is applied successfully recruiting process as described scientifically by the Human Resources Administration, is recruiting qualified professional staff. The recruitment process has been upgraded to the extent that a separate sub-division within the Directorate of Human Resources. The HR generalists are primarily responsible for the execution of all actions that contribute to the proper staffing of various jobs. It operates on two levels, the original recruiting agents, and this selection of employees for staffing positions of responsibility.

During the recruitment process, successful candidates go through specific stages of selection, and which lead to the final hiring decision or rejection. These stages are interviewing executive sub address selection, which mainly outlines the psychosocial profile of the candidate, a test of perception and intelligence, control and verification of references accompanying the application documents and medical exams. Noted at this point that successful candidate’s recruitment is rarely rejected at selection stages. These are more important for recording various characteristics of employees, and simply recorded and archived for future use.

The selection plays a very important role in the process of promoting employees and staffing positions of responsibility. At this level, historical data have occasionally recorded, account together with the data obtained from a second selection process done at that time to candidates who meet the set criteria. The latter process involves a detailed interview with each candidate, where he is asked to describe the reasons is interested in a specific location, and design and analysis of annual performance evaluation sheets``. (McConnell, 2005)

The final conclusions of this choice lead to the promotion decision or rejection of the official. The selection procedures used by the National Hellenic Land and Property Register judged as adequate and relatively well designed. The tests and interviews are done by highly trained staff and have a high degree of reliability. It is useful to introduce assessment procedures of virtual projects, before taking up his new duties, in order to verify in practice if and when candidates for key positions are capable and experienced enough to cope with any difficulties.

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