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The Nursing Profession

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The definition nursing varies from one country to another. However, the international Council of Nurses defines nursing as a profession that covers autonomous and collaborative care of individuals of all communities, families, ages, groups, sick or well in all settings (Carol & Dawn, 2011).

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The Nursing Profession

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. Professionals have labeled it as more of a calling than a profession because it involves intensive care giving, sometimes in extreme conditions. The role of nurses in the contemporary society has evolved from the medieval years, as they are considered primary care givers. Nurses are trained professionally in different areas of medicine. However, recent trends in nursing have welcomed specialization in nursing attributed to the complexities in the medical profession (Carol & Dawn, 2011). Apparently, advanced training is required to ensure nurses are competent as they deal with people and their lives.

Academic qualification for nursing

An article by Ipek C. G. & Kasikci (2011) reveals that practitioners of nursing must depict compassion and empathy because nursing entails more than just care giving. Given the rigorous duties entrusted in the hands of nurses, they need to attain certain level of training. A strong educational background in health sciences goes a long way in securing admission in an institution of higher learning. Biology and human physiology are areas the one intending to pursue nursing must demonstrate proficiency. Mathematics is also an instrumental in the medical profession as it demonstrates ones analytical skills to deal with the rigorous field of medical sciences (Ipek & Kasikci, 2011). I undertook training in emergency response and biological science. I believe this puts me in a uniquely qualified position to be considered for admission into a medical science program.

Skills in nursing

Undertaking a career in nursing is not an easy task, as it involves long hours of commitment and sacrifice. Learning how to deal with diversified cases requires individual commitment and enthusiasm. However, being passionate about nursing can immensely be rewarding and satisfying. Apart from the long career and voluminous course works, learning how to handle and deal with people is part of the nursing profession. Nurses encounter people from all occupations, and not all of these people will be nice always (Ipek & Kasikci, 2011). The situation is worse to the extent that some doctors look down on nurses as their inferior colleagues while some patients can be insufferable. Given the amount of work nurses do, incorporation by patients and doctors can be extremely essential in motivating and providing them with the much-needed moral support. As a result, nurses must exhibit skills of corporation and commitment toward their jobs (Hiscott, 1998).

Consequently, nursing requires an individual’s full commitment to the job. Nurses work in shifts that allow maximum output. At times, the job requires long hours of work, meaning that one can go hours without food or days without sleep just to save a life. This may lead to fatigue that may result in costly mistakes. Based on this aspect, it is important that nurses develop teamwork skills to enable them work in teams (Harrison & Journeaux, 2011). Teamwork is not an easy task as there are different people in the team with different characters and personalities. Being able to work together and delegate duties to colleagues helps in the smooth running of operations in health institutions. Matching these skills to my profession, I believe I am an ambitious, reliable and hardworking individual, looking for a challenging position. I possess the ability to work on own initiative with minimum supervision, but also enjoy working in a team. I have the ability to manage projects effectively and work well under pressure.

How do you succeed at an interview?
How did you hear of our programs

I am an avid reader of educational content with a passion for nursing. I first got a referral from one of my tutors to review some work done by one of your institution’s scholars. Afterwards, I found out that your institution had a competent and widely recognized medical sciences department.

How do you keep up with events and developments in medicine

Through medical and current affairs publications, I am able to keep up to date on developments in the medical field. I use the internet regularly, which gives me access to all the information I may require. I follow works by some of the institution’s top scholars, as they are involved in groundbreaking researches in different areas of medicine.

Given the wide professional area, what made you select nursing as your profession

I believe I have a passion for medical science. I had an experience in taking care of my pregnant aunt, and working at various healthcare institutions such as Chase Farm Hospital. My success during these times made me realize that I am fulfilled by helping other people in need. The gratitude given to me by those I care for is enough to motivate me to give fulltime care to those who need it most.

What unique qualities do you have that equip you for a career in nursing

I believe I am best suited for a position in your nursing program, as I have the basic training in emergency response and care. I have exceptional academic grades in health sciences and mathematics, which will help in my training. Having taken care of old relatives and volunteering at the local teenage shelters, I have the required experience that will enable me prosper as a nursing student. I have a Midwifery HE Diploma and BA Honors in Marketing Management from the University of Westminster.

What attracted you to this facility and what do you hope to achieve in this position

I was attracted to this facility by the innovative work done by people affiliated to this institution. I hope to get a nursing degree that will enable me to be a highly qualified caregiver.

Where do you see yourself in three years

In three years, I will have finished my nursing degree from this outstanding institution and on track for a prosperous nursing career.

What was your most significant achievement to date

My most significant achievement to date is taking part in a teenage pregnancy outreach program in an effort to reach young teenagers and young mothers. The program was aimed at empowering young mothers and pregnant teenagers.

Have you ever handled a difficult patientHow did you handle the situation

No, I have not, but in case I encounter one in the course of my duty, I would tolerantly ask the patient what the problem is before selecting that best way on how I can assist based on their response. In case I cannot address the concerns raised by the patient, I would consult with my immediate superior on the best course of action in relation to the patients concerns.

How would you rate your communication level

I believe I am an excellent listener who can communicate well with people since I have an open mind. I give people a chance to be heard and listen to their views.

What can you do to motivate patients

To motivate patients, I would always be positive and insightful. Inspiring patients to positive stories and having them smile will help in motivating a patient. Positive emotions means patients are optimistic and hopeful of their recovery. Given the nature of the profession, being positive should be a requirement for all nurses.


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