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Adult Education as a Profession

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Adult education is a vital profession that needs full attention and thorough analysis to arrive at the best organization of lesson plans. By working towards a goal of transferring the knowledge from one individual to another, it is important to have a prior understanding on the perceived information by both parties.

Talking about diversity, working towards attaining different knowledge of different field is important in gathering information and sharing knowledge to one another. Diversity gives an opportunity to explore areas unexplored by many.

By sharing information and specializing on something unexplored by the current tradition, the curiosity of opening the chance of studying a new part of the knowledge will yield to a better understanding of the things they should know.

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Focusing on a specific subject would make someone an expert for that field and specialized on that branch of knowledge. Since adult education focus on the ways on transferring knowledge on adults, it is important to integrate the core concept of learning to other field of education for them to have a bigger perspective on their opportunities in the world. Understanding the key elements of adult education will yield to a better perspective on the things explored by this system.

Incorporating adult education with other field of education is vital for them to be able to materialize the concepts they learned while pursuing the search for higher level of education.

If granted by the fact that existing knowledge had been explored through the integration of different key materials, and then the method used by other branches of education can be applied to the methods used in adult education and in result, they could get the implication of using such method in a field unfamiliar to that. By simply understanding the concept given in the search for better learning could be the best way in dealing with the methods used in adult education.

While integrating adult education with other field of education, it is important to have a higher perspective and see the implication if focusing of adult education whether to individual or the society. Believing in the capability of adult educators and the adults, they somehow have an advantage talking about their experience.

So, it is expected to them to view their daily experiences with a higher level of sociological imagination. Therefore, the primary focus of adult education should be in the society for them to further assess their environment as the battlefield of their daily experiences and interactions.

They will somehow learn to manage their experiences and translate it in a universal language understood by the society itself. By opening the opportunity for the society to have an upward view of the situation, it will yield to better information gathered by them.

Adult Development and Learning

It is very different to teach adult than teaching elementary. Relatively, it is easier to teach children because they don’t have prior learning and the teacher could input all his or her desired knowledge that he or she wants the children should possess. By simply telling stories and ways in which the children could learn, the teacher can actually control the learning stage of the children.

It is far from teaching adult people. Not only because there will be times that an adult educator could be younger than his or her students but also, talking about experiences, some of them perceived the knowledge and information they receive based on their prior perception and encoding of the information. This will give them other interpretation, far from the expected interpretation of the teacher.

Experience wise, as human beings, we had already encountered many experiences in our life through our lifep. Therefore, most of the adults being taught by the educator had prior experiences and learning that might contradict the current teachings of knowledge they received from educators. It is a great conflict between clashing of information and different knowledge because the perception of adults may be different from the actual definition of the situation.

Since they have the prior opportunity of learning things, the things they may discover could alter their prior belief and may result to unbalanced definition of the scenario. That is why it is important to take into consideration the knowledge of the adult as they are being taught with new things because they may associate it with their previous information and use it as their basis.

Learning is a lifetime process. It involves a lifelong situation which one is expected to pick new things as days passed for him or her to be able to use I on the next days to come. By learning new things ad information, the development of knowledge will push through as one gets older.

This vital process of learning is important in processing the information with the adult because of their primary reason of associating themselves with such adult education. By maintaining a certain level of relationship, the primary goal of the situation, which is to teach them new information, will be beneficial to them and they can use in their everyday actions and lives.

Learning process is extremely necessary for every human to attain the level of development required for one’s stage. The implication of this will make a huge impact in the sense that it will make a control over one’s personal attachment to the things he or she see as a part of his or her daily life with the people. By experiencing the level of cohesiveness despite the fact that they have different personalities, the adjustment of learning will become sufficiently enough to bind such ideas.

In prioritizing the academic level of learning that should be taught to and should be learned by adult, therefore, it is vital for them to have a subjective analysis of their previous situation before starting to make any action that could affect their personal integration of the scenario.

Technology Management

Since the world today is trying to cope up with the fast changing modern technological advancement, different steps had been taken in order to follow these changes. Many systems had been implemented such that, they can easily cope up with the things that are too advanced for the modern world.

The use of technology in education is important not only because it is a knowledge being taught but also, it is a way of an easier communication and transferring of information. By maximizing the use of technology, they could easily say and understand the things they should understand in order to attain a level of education which is for them is sufficiently enough.

By using group processes that will lead to the use of technology, it is beneficial for them because they will have the opportunity to see the result and at the same time plan for the process they should make. In order for them to have a full understanding, they should be taught first of how to use and implement such technology for them to be able to use and apply it easily.

After using the processes involved, the in depth analysis or evaluation should take place for them to be able to assess the things that they did and some recommendations for the process to be more effective and efficient. By doing the analysis, they could give suggestions and then further evaluate the use of technology needed in a situation. They can now apply the concepts they learn in managing and maximizing the potential of their resources such as technology.

While the development of technology is now a world’s natural processes, it should be incorporated in the development of curriculum for them to be able to integrate the lessons being taught and the technology of the world. By simply giving way to the use of technology in different class situation, they can introduce the use and importance of such in the lives of the people by making an impact on how it is really important to them.

Therefore, by making the things possible and approachable to many people, they had open the gateway for better understanding of the real use and importance of technology in the lives of the people and its application.

Lastly, as the incorporation of technology in the processes and curriculum that will introduce its use and importance, the development of different strategies that would answer the call of modern technological advancement is needed. By having a concrete way of developing and introducing materials to the people, they could have a better understanding for them to be able to use it on their applications of the things they learn inside the technological curriculum.

Analyzing and looking closely to the real needs of the students by simply looking at their capabilities and their potential, they could have a better hold on the situation and therefore would result to their learning based on the teaching goals, with the incorporation of high technology.

Part II

Research and Evaluation in Education

Following some ethical consideration, it is of utmost important to protect the welfare of the subject. Whatever the research or the study is, it is always the priority to ensure that you do not violate any human rights or even invade their privacy without their consent. To be able to do this, it is necessary to ask for informed consent to each subject and to tell them the nature of the study. They should know what it is all about, the risk that that they would encounter.

By taking the consent of the human subject, they should know all the necessary things, the purpose to be able to avoid deception. There are many groups that claim it is unethical to hide the purpose of the study to the subject.

Although some believe that it could alter the result, therefore, it is the responsibility of the researcher to minimize the errors and the biases. Next thing is, they should have the right to ask question or to stop anywhere in the study. They may encounter situation that they think they can’t handle or bring a lot of stress to them.

Also, it is important for them to assure the confidentiality of their identity as the human subject for them to able to say freely and to go with the research without thinking any biases or judgment from external forces.

In getting consent, they should sign a paper indicating his or her approval without forcing him or her. It is important to keep that document for the researcher to be able to prove the validity of the subject and also for the protection of the research. That consent should tell the purpose, the study, the institution and also, should indicate the name of the subject and the researcher. With that, both parties should affix their signature for it a valid evidence of the study.

The result of the research should be available to the subjects for them to know what they did and their actual performance. It is their primary right to know the result for them to know if there is a deception that happened. Also, debriefing is the last stage of the research.

They should debrief the subjects and explain to them what happened and the tell them again the nature of the study, the purpose of gathering data for them to have an understanding and necessary information for that research.

Organization and Administration of Adult Education Classes


1.      To learn the function of parts of the brain- *select level*

2.      To be able to analyze different level of thinking *select level*

3.      To be able to learn different hormones responsible for cognitive processes *select level*

The first objective can be taught through visual demonstration and the use of familiar words for them to be able to easily understand the facts and the concepts they learn.

By providing instructional materials that will make them appreciate the learning and the system that were being introduced, they will have an easier understanding of the subject itself. Also, another technique in demonstrating the information is to use familiar pictures or associating it with familiar scenarios that demonstrate the use of every part.

The second objective can be taught by simply letting them experience the concepts that lie behind different levels of thinking. By exposing them to the theories and to the concepts that is associated with it, they can devise their own way of understanding the subject and at the same time, learn the lesson.

Since different levels of thinking involve an actual process, students can easily absorb the lesson if they will have the proper hands on experience for them to be able to relate the lesson in their everyday experiences.

The third objective of learning can be achieved through the use of different processes that the hormone is involved and relating it to almost same process existing I the environment that is familiar to the student for them to incorporate the idea with that process. In doing that they can easily understand not only the concept but also the process itself and its importance in the cognitive thinking.

Program Development Process in Adult Education

Since adult education involves the interaction between several minds with prior experiences and information, it is important to devise different strategies and activities that will culminate their knowledge and at the same time, open a possibility of discovering new branch of information that would be beneficial to every one concerned.

Before the teaching process, since the transfer of information requires not only the information to be transferred but the medium in which the information will be processed, it is important to centralize the idea to fit the prior information known by the adult to be taught. This is a vital process because it will involve not only the parties concerned but also the environment in which the transfer of learning will take place.

Before the desired process, proper orientation and preparation is needed to prepare the possible scenario for each parties involved. By incorporating the core knowledge in which the processes involved are integrated, it will result to an environment suited to the exchange of knowledge.

After they had been introduced to the topics presented, they should be debriefed and tell them the general perspective of the process for them to able to use the implication and the possible outcome of the process. By involving their critical analysis to the subject, it would result to an understanding of the matter.

To be able to execute the desired objective of the learning process, it is important to assess at the end if there are certain information that seem to be difficult for them to comprehend or seen irrelevant to their experiences. By letting them view the difference between the prior knowledge they have and the introduced topic, it would result to a better perception and transferring of the knowledge needed.

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