Investing in Employee Skills for Cost Reduction and Improved Productivity

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Last Updated: 31 Mar 2023
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Agree or disagree with " the most important investment for a company is to spend money to improve the work skills of its employees. In contemporary society, high level employees paly an indispensable role in the rapid development of companies. Therefore, Form where I stand, devoting money to improvement of its' employees has been the most important investment for a company.

First of all, skilled employees, to a large extent, are conductive to reduce a large amount of cost in companies. They employees who are well trained equipped with more energy and skill, so that they accomplish their jobs more efficiently and effectively. If a company afford for improvement of workers' ability, the employees are more likely finish their work in a comparatively short time, and they are capable of digging their potentials. So their company just only hire fewer employees than in the past to save a large amount of money. In addition, the skilled employees may produce more high qualitied products, and they made less mistakes during the work time. Companies are more likely to make good use of materials,for example, skilled workers decline the number of low-qualitied products that need to return to assembly lines and to consume materials and human resources. It is obvious that the if companies get their employees trained, they will gain more profits owing to lowing costs.

Moreover, companies should improve the abilities of employees to adjust to progressions of society. The quickening pace of society require people to endow with more knowledge and skills. It is wise for a company to promote the staff's various abilities by training. Take my mother's company for example, 20 year ago, companies introduced new equipment, computers, however, most of employees could not master those computers. The company hire a computer expert to taught them to use computers. It turned out that my mother's company develop more rapidly than those whose staff could not handle computers, since the employees already have been able to apply to the advanced technology. What's more, at present, numerous machines are widely used in companies or factories, and skilled people are required to operate them. It is no exaggeration to say that companies with highly skilled staff will easily gain core competence in modern society.

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Admittedly, there exists other investments besides enhancing employees' work skills, such as employing a eminent leader and introducing more state-of -the-art machines. However, the merits of improving staff overshadow that of other methods because of saving cost and adjusting to the development of society. Therefore, I reinforce my view that improving the abilities of its staff is serves as the most important investment for companies.

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