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The Modern Marine NCO Today

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Today’s Marine NCO has changed over the years from the past Marine NCO. An NCO today takes the knowledge from their senior NCO’s that was passed down to them and help shape the Jr. Marine today. Having respect goes a long way with Marine NCO’s but how can that be achieved if the NCO doesn’t show any themselves? A Marine NCO is like a father figure in a way, teaches junior marine what he/she needs to know in order to better themselves and make good decisions so that one day when he/she becomes and NCO they can look back and be like my NCO when I was a troop taught me and show me what it takes to be a NCO.

NCO’s gain knowledge and wisdom from their seniors but also gain knowledge for their jourior marines and make themselves better. The NCO from the past was more about odering and not listening to their marines which made the Marines under their charge hate their NCO as of to now and days the NCO takes time to listen to their Marines and properly take care of their needs.

As a Marine NCO, we have to set standards for others to emulate and strive to be the best and surpass their leaders. A Marine NCO is there for his/her Marines from the smallest minute problem back in the rear to being on the fron lines and helping their Marine in a battle situation. A jounior Marine will trust and respect his fellow NCO(s) if that Marine NCO takes time to understand them and help them in their situation.

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