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NCO on my Staff

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My subordinates describe as bold, fearless and direct. They also know if they have problems they should exhaust all their resources before coming to me with that problem. Additionally, my subordinates know I would do anything to better them even if the action is not popular. Finally, my subordinates would describe me as a work hard play hard type of NCO. 4. How would you describe yourself as NCO? Would describe my self as a trying to become a great NCO.

There is always room for improvement so I never agreed with the term a good NCO. Have my Moments, but I can get a little stubborn at times which may seem a little bit disobedient, but do believe you have to ruffle feathers if you are being a good NCO. 5. How would your supervisor describe me as a NCO? My supervisor would describe me as a NCO who embodies the leadership style idealized influence, and intellectual stimulation. I'm not one to bark orders or give task I haven't done or wouldn't do my self.

My supervisor also feels I'm his go to NCO on my Staff. Some people are fly swatters others are hammers then you have the Ax; I'm been told I am the Ax. 6. What are my strengths? Feel my strengths are my ability to think outside the box. Feel bring lots of creativity to the most trivial task. I feel if we don't mix things up and promote freethinking we move in the wrong direction, and fife will past us by waking up one day wondering what happen.

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NCO on my Staff

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Additionally, believe working under pressure no matter the task is strength. Some may see it as procrastination at times, but it gets the job done when things hit the fan. Or when something critical comes down at the last minute. 7. What is my Essence? My essence is my struggle, which defines me who I am. I honestly that if I didn't get two article 1 g's I would not be here Wright now.

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