The Military- Industrial Complex

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In the farewell speech of Dwight D. Eisenhower to the U. S. citizens, the president urged the nation on ‘the dangers of allowing a Military- Industrial Complex to take control of the United States’ (Lovik, par. 1). The Military-Industrial Complex is used to denote the symbiotic relationship that is present between politics, a nation’s military and the economy. The idea behind this relationship is that the nation will continue to invest a lot of its economy into contracts of the military (Lovik, par. 1-3). There is no doubt that the military- industrial complex has raised controversies in America. The Military-Industrial Complex Creation

From its definition, this concept indicates that there is a healthy relationship between the companies that are specialized in producing equipments and weapons for war and the parties given the mandate to manage the wars. In other terms, this is referred to as ‘War for profits’, which can be tracked from the days where navy ships power and the arms races ruled the empires. The arms races that existed between Spain, Britain’s and France’s European powers were seen as a primal version of the current situations. It came up from the idea that all countries had to establish and build up a strong military which would be considered to be in power.

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(Military Complex, par. 1-3). Ike was very instrumental in discouraging the U. S. citizens from the military industrial complex. He stated that public policy would become a scientific-technological elite captive. This was because of the immense costs that were involved, as the government was in a contract. Consequently, the contract becomes almost a substitute for intellectual curiosity (Watts). Conclusion There is no doubt that the military- industrial complex is something which evoked great controversy in the US. Up to date, there is so much criticism associated with it. Significance of the four terms

Winston Churchill is well known for leading Great Britain in World War Two. After joining several political parties, Winston was elected as MP for Northwest Manchester and later Dundee between 1910 and 1922(History Learning Site, par. 1-4). It is at this period that he made a remarkable change in parliament, as he came up with the labor exchanges. He also advocated for modernization as far as war was concerned, as he supported the use of planes in combat. Additionally, he urged the government to be pro-active about Hitler and the Nazis. He completely refused to accept defeat or refusal, something that made him get honor.

Due to his well played role in the war, he won a Nobel Prize for Literature in 1953 (History Learning Site, par. 12-17). Nagasaki was a secluded village which only received its recognition in 1542. It became the only harbor where foreign ships were let in. In 1859, Nagasaki was declared a free port, and modernization began in the area, as it had an economic dominance. The main industry in the area was ship- building, which was very important because most of the ships that were used by the Japanese Navy during the war were built in its docks and factories.

However, the city was rebuilt after the destruction of the war, and up to date, it is still the first and peaceful port city with a rich shipping industry (Japanese Lifestyle, par. 7-9). Russia and the Western Allies always had differences on the rebuilding of Germany, as a result of the tension that was present between them. As a result, Russia chocked off the Western Allies from getting their supplies. The Berlin Airlift was introduced by Commander Sir Brian Robertson from Britain, and it proved to be a solution to the situation. It was also referred to as Operation warfare, and included a huge cooperative effort between several nations.

The Berlin Airlift was successful as several supplies, plus tons of foods were moved over to the Western Allies during the blockade period (Wise Geek, par. 2). The ‘Hollywood Ten’ is a short film which was produced as a result of the government being blinded by fear. It is of a great historical importance to America, and resulted from the real life story of ten Hollywood men in the film industry. They were accused of being involved in pro-communist activities, and were charged to a one year prison term. Their story was filmed to show their unsuccessful fight against the blinded leadership system (Mendoza, par.

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