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Why do people experience like killing another human being? And what are they stating themselves to do it okay? In our universe today there are a batch of slayings. Many of the slayers are convicted for their offenses so there are besides some of them who manage to steal off from the constabulary and the probe but so come the hardest sentence of them all. You will hold to populate whit the guilt of what you have done for the remainder of your life because you can non state anybody. The chief character in the narrative “The Man Who Loves Flowers” by Stephen King from 1977. Acts of the Apostless like it is no large trade possibly his greatest sorrow is that he will ne'er see his one true love. Norma. once more.

The chief character is a immature adult male. who appears to be in love. He wears a Grey suit and a tie that is pulled down a small. His eyes are light blue and his hair is brown and cut short. He is apparent looking. but because he is in love. people on the street think he is beautiful. We are told he is on his manner to run into his miss Norma. and it all sounds really romantic. In the get downing the narrative is sweet. it is truly romantic. Particularly in the line “The air was soft and beautiful. the sky was darkening by slow grades from bluish to the composure and lovely violet of dusk” ( p. 175. ll. 2-4 ) In this sentence there is a complete love narrative. and you expect something lovely to go on subsequently in the narrative. There are told about all those small stores. and all those happy people. the ground there are giving. is that it is spring clip and everyone is in love. But the narrative does non go on that manner in the line “It was acquiring darker now … could he hold been mistaken? ” ( p. 179. ll. 41-42 ) the narrative is wholly barren of painting words. and beautiful scenes.

He has gone into a narrow lane with refuse tins to run into whit his girlfriend whom he brings flowers. One starts to fell the creeps. and you know the narrative can non stop good. Possibly the chief character is schizophrenic in the line “His name was love. and he walked these dark streets because Norma was waiting for him. And he would happen him. Some twenty-four hours soon” ( p. 180. ll. 24-25 ) this line is from merely after he killed the immature miss that looked like Norma but he does non care that he had merely taken another life. He is merely looking frontward to when he is traveling to run into his dead girlfriend. whom he still thinks he loves. He knows it is incorrect because when he kills her he makes certain that she does non shout. and he does it in a dark back street so no 1 knows or sees it.

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It truly is like the chief character has to personalities. one that is bright and in love with his dream miss Norma. the miss he hopes to run into shortly. it is the 1 he shows to the remainder of the universe and it makes everybody believe he is beautiful. The other is dark. the personality of a liquidator who kills merely because the miss he frightens screams. like Norma did when she was killed. in the same back street. The rubric of the narrative is The Man Who Loved Flowers. which when you read it makes certain that one puts peculiar attending to the florist and you think about the flower bouquet the whole clip. and particularly in the line “…the spill of flowers fell out of his manus. the spill spilled and broke unfastened. sloping ruddy. white. and xanthous tea roses beside the bent rubbish cans…” ( p. 180. ll. 8-10 ) . where you take notice to the tea roses that seems so out of topographic point. in the dark back street with a consecutive slayer.

It is opposite to the beginning where the roses seem so absolutely in topographic point with a happy adult male there is on his manner to run into his girlfriend. The flowers in this narrative highlights the passage from beautiful spring eventide where you could believe a adult male in love would by his girlfriend flowers. to a dark back street with refuse tins where 1 could ne'er conceive of a pretty corsage.

Possibly the chief character. who calls himself love. putting to deaths merely to experience some exhilaration in his life once more and he tells himself that it is O.K. because he is merely looking for Norma. whom he will happen someday. finally.

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