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Analyze the Informative Speech Essay

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Relevance to the audience: Now that I told you that almost 69 percent of adults are considered overweight, take a look around. Considering the facts, that means according to the statistics of the American Medical Association (Ogden C. L. ), one of the people sitting next to you are overweight. If you personally are blessed with the benefits of good genetics and genes, then there is at least one person who you know who Is considered overweight. As you can see I am overweight, and I actually undergone the Sleeve Gastronomy.

Ill. Thesis: There are different types of Gastric Bypass procedures that can help save ivies not only for the person who is overweight, but for their loved ones as well. IV. Preview of main points: As someone who has had the surgery done and researched information on this topic, I would like to talk with you about the different types of Gastric Bypass procedures there are, and how It not only benefited myself, but how It benefits approximately 200,000 people a year, not Including the people that they are surrounding as well.

Body: l. Main Point: What is Gastric Bypass? What different kinds/types are there? Who gets it? Where does it take place-in body, why people get it, and how does someone lawful? A. Support- Gastric Bypass procedures (GAP) are any of a group of similar operations that first divides the stomach Into a small upper pouch and a much larger lower "remnant" pouch and then rearranges the small intestine to connect both. The first procedure happened in 1954, and really became popular in the sass's.

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Now, most of them are performed layperson and have very little scaring, and most people go home the very next day. B. Support- There are 3 main types of barbaric surgeries that are performed. The Gastric Bypass surgery, also called the Roux-en-Y gastric bypass which Involves creating a stomach pouch out of a small portion of the stomach and attaching It directly to the small Intestine, bypassing a large part of the stomach and duodenum which is used for fat absorption is substantially reduced.

The Sleeve Gastronomy is the newest procedure, and this is when the surgeon removes a large section of the stomach, leaving a thin banana or sleeve-shaped stomach. And Lastly the Lap band surgery, also known as adjustable gastric band. This Is when they enter the stomach and place a device that looks like a ring around elution through a permanent port placed under the skin. Six weeks after surgery, you return to the surgeon and they will adjust it so the adequate amount of food can pass through the stoma.

This is adjusted many times until it is Just right and can be adjusted several times a year. C. Support- The rules for you can qualify for these types of procedures vary from state to state and the requirements from your insurance company. But, for most the requirements include if your body mass index (IBM) is 40 or higher, if you have a IBM of 30 or higher and have other underlying lath issues, such as diabetes, sleep apneas, high blood pressure or other health problems. D.

Support- Most procedures are now done layperson which includes about 4-6 small incisions in the abdomen around an inch long. They insert long medal pole instruments into the abdomen with microscopes attached so they can see inside your stomach to perform the surgery. This usually takes between 2-4 hours. II. Main Point: Why do people get it? What are the health benefits/benefits of Gastric Bypass, what is needed after surgery, and how it changes/saves lives? A. Support-

Many people lead towards Gastric Bypass when the individual tries to lose weight and can't due to health risks, or have serious health problems, and if they do not get it, the outcome could potentially be worse for them opposed to if they were to stay obese. B. Support- The Baric Clinics (Baric Clinics America's Leader in Barbaric Surgery) states that the physical health benefits include- improving or resolving many related health issues such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and circulatory problems, arthritis and Joint pain, infertility, sleep apneas, and many other indention.

Emotions- by improving self-esteem and people become less depressed. Career- by improving their actual and perceived performance through the ability to do work that was previously physically impossible, improved confidence and presence around others, and increased opportunities. Relationships- by gaining added confidence and how they improve relationships between friends, family, co- workers and new acquaintances and how others relate to them. Lifestyle- after people get this surgery people tend to want to live better, eat better, and be happier.

Analyze the Informative Speech Essay essay

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