Essays on Hemp

Essays on Hemp

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Why Hemp Prduction Should Be Legal in the Us

Uses of Hemp and its Potential Contributions to the United States Hemp is a crop that has been used for many things for many years. The fibers are used for things such as clothes, construction materials, paper, carpet, oil, food, cosmetics, food, and many other …

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Cannabis and Health Canada

Cannabis has been a part of human existence for thousand of years. People used cannabis as a necessity of life. People depended on cannabis to live longer than they depended on money. Today In Canada, cannabis was scheduled In the same class as heroine in …

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Effetcs of methemphetamine use

Section A: Background (300- 400 words using formal, referenced, academic writing) What is your enquiry question about? This enquiry question seeks to uncover the relationship between methamphetamine (MA) use and the influence it has over criminal behavior. MA affects the central nervous system by stimulating …

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Why Marijuana Should Be Decriminalized

Why Marijuana Should Be Decriminalized in the U. S. “Marijuana, in its natural form, is one of the most therapeutically active substances known to man” (qtd. in Rosenthal and Kubby 49). The DEA’s Administrative Law Judge, Francis L. Young, stated this in the matter of …

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Industrial Hemp

Legalize Industrial Hemp General Purpose: To inform the class on why industrial hemp is illegal and the benefits of legalizing industrial hemp. Specific Purpose: To provide my audience with a better understanding of how useful industrial hemp could be for the economy. Central Idea: Due …

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Why the Illegalization of Marijuana Was a Corrupt Decision

Why the Illegalization of Marijuana was Corrupt For most of human history marijuana has been legal and has actually only been illegal for 1% of the period of time of which it has been in use. Many people assume that marijuana was made illegal through …

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The Search for Sustainable Fibre/Fabric Alternatives

Abstract This paper delves in to the performance characteristics of fibres within chosen apparel and the sustainable replacements for these fibres. In particular, the document explores various questions relating to the subject including: (1) what are the performance characteristics for each fibre in general and …

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What is special about hemp?
Hemp seeds can contain up to 30% fat. They are rich in two essential oils, linoleic Acid (omega-6), as well alpha linolenic Acid (omega-3). Hemp seed are a great source for protein because more than 25% are high-quality.
Why is hemp important?
Hemp is a popular rotation crop. Hemp, which breathes in carbon dioxide as it grows, helps prevent soil erosion and detoxifies soil. It breaks down the harvested material into valuable nutrients.
What exactly is hemp?
Hemp (Cannabis species sativa), also known under the name of industrial hemp is a member in the Cannabaceae. This plant is cultivated for both its fibre (bast fibre), and edible seeds. Hemp is often confused with cannabis plants, which can be used to make the drug marijuana.
Why is hemp so popular?
Hemp is loved by farmers who have grown it for many years. It doesn’t need a lot more rain or soil to flourish. Hemp can be used for clothing, as it needs less water than cotton.

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