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Lodging like hotels and resorts forms one of the largest employers in the management of hospitality industry. The lodging industry has many routes that create employment to many of the citizens today. Some of them include guest services, housekeeping, general hotel, human resource, sales, and general management.

The nature of the services offered in a lodging industry depends with the type of the people working there and the management. For example, a luxurious hotel that has around three hundred rooms requires much experience, not less than five to be properly managed. On the other hand, a small hotel having like seventy rooms only requires two years experience, and a higher diploma. Employers working here are of less experience as opposed to those working in luxurious hotel.

Management Career in Food and Beverage Industry

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Food and beverage is another large portion within the hospitality management. Whether an individual chose to work in a restaurant or hotel or even in catering operation, there are series of career paths that can lead to the management roles. In this case, they include the kitchen managers, bar managers, restaurant managers, lead chefs, and food and beverage directors among many others.

In this situation, food managers need to have a lot of experience that any department, because it entails a lot. In the food department, a lot of keenness and cleanliness is required since the food has to be accepted by the client. Unlike other department, food and beverage requires high level of management and the managers herein should be paid high amount of salaries as opposed to others.

Ideally, food and beverage managers can expect to make a lot of money, and they also need to be treated well in order to maintain the status quo of the industry.

Comparison between the General Management of the two Industries

The differences between these fields can be vast, but also very similar. For example, a lodging management position requires an organized individual. He should be someone who is able to communicate well with a diverse crowd of people. He should be a public speaker and knows how to relate well with the clients.

A Lodging manager who functions well under stressful situations will defiantly flourish in their work, hence attract many customers. In contrary, a lodge manager who is poor in communicating and has negated mentality on the work he does makes the clients to shun from getting the service. Therefore, this position requires quick thinking and someone who is overall very quick on their feet. All in all, a general manager is required to oversee various careers in lodging and food and beverage industries.

It is also important to note that all other management positions follow the leadership and guidance directed by the general manager, who follows the guidelines of the owners, in larger chains, the top executive staff, and makes sure regional requirements are followed as stipulated.

Both involve proper services. Cleanliness in both industries is very instrumental. For example, food and beverage industry requires proper management and maintenance of all dining areas and the kitchen space. Serving guest should be done with a lot of decorum. In order to maintain the customers, flowery language has to be used always.

On the same plinth, maintenance of the guest rooms, service areas and lobbies requires one who is neat most of the time and should be ready to serve the clients with a lot of ethos, logos and pathos. Generally, the management in both industries goes hand in hand, because they mainly deal with services offered to the clients, and for the customers to be satisfied and maintained, they have to be served the best way.

Growth in overall employment within these two industries and how this overall growth is forecasted within the next ten years
Lodging, and Food and beverage services are becoming one of the most popular work fields of choice for many learners today. The students going to schools prefer the course today, because it is in market in has a lot of expose to them .For those students still learning and growing in their studies this is a great opportunity to learn more about each of these fields, to better help them decide where they will best fit in once they enter the working world.

In the near future, the industries will be in high demand since the services are nearly used in almost every part of the world. Also, it is important to note that with the modern technological advancement, majority of the guest today are self sufficient. Most of the travelers like using apps or mobile website; this helps them in doing prior booking to the places they are heading to.

In the near future, lodging and hotels which are not up to standards will be out of market. In fact, at business meetings and conferences, travelers will expect hotels and conferences centers to have high quality and technological advancement and equipment and well vast knowledgeable staff, without these, most of the hotels will go without clients.

Real-time will be properly managed. For example, in case of customer's dissatisfaction, he or she will be able to complain through social media like Facebook, Twitter, Yelp or TripAdvisor. This will help their problems be solved instantly. Moreover, it will enable the employers to do their work diligently with minimal supervision, because of the fear of tarnishing their names.

Engaging with the customers and responding to their needs through public forums will also help maintain positive relationship and drive future bookings. Because of these reasons, employment of working staff will be more advanced as opposed to the way it is now. A lot of experience will be required for one to be absorbed within the industries.

Human Resource Practices in which each Industry can better recruit and retain Management talent for their respective industry
Hotel executives need to devise a well-managed and robust talent management strategy that creates a culture of ongoing development, high performance, and organization-wide commitment to providing top-notch service in a practical way. The managers should also implement talent management program.

The program requires careful planning and thorough understanding of all the organization's elements that work in unison to drive results. They should incorporate web-based solutions in order to optimize top most management. Also, it is of vital importance that the hotels include elements geared toward providing meaningful and differentiated customer experience.

The managers should ensure that their staff at all levels has clear understanding of how their individual actions contribute to providing these values. They should be individuals who are ready to work in line with the modern technology and to bring more clients to the hotels.

Goal alignment is a very powerful management tool. Employees should be engaged using this tool. In so doing, they feel greater ownership in directing their efforts to achieving the lodging strategic goals, and become more committed to exhibit higher performance. Most importantly, the staff should be engaged in decision making. Most of the managers avoid this. Doing so makes the staff feel included in the management of the industry.

When they are neglected, they feel alienated and not part of the company. On the same note, extrinsic motivation is very pivotal in maintaining output. When employers do well in their job, it is recommended for the management to reward them. Rewarding of the staff enable them build confidence in the work they do and make them work intrinsically harder as opposed to before.

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