The Influence of the Video Game in Children

Last Updated: 24 Mar 2020
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The influence of the video game in children A. Violence. 1. Criminal behavior. 2. Disrespect for the authority and law. 3. Use and abuse of drugs and alcohol. B. Sex. Content 1. Abuse of toward women 2. Use of foul language and obscene behavior. 3. Category of the Video game C. Murders. 1. Killing people. 2. Killing animals. 3. Emotional effects. Conclusion. ?Did you know that in 1980 the video games transformed in a phenomenon that revolutionized around the world?

Not mention has become a popular activity for people of all ages. As a result the video game is a multibillion dollar company and many children spend large amounts of time playing them and these create bad behavior and studies demonstrate that the children imitate the violence that they see. In the last years if has been shown an increase of rebel children due to the content in the video game they play such as violence, sex content and murders.

The influence of the video games in the children has effects with the time. The children who are exposed to violent spectacles can manage to be more aggressive and acquire a criminal behavior where they interact and answer with violence in his social environment. Also the video games transmit values that impact and impress the children and this creates rebellious behaviors and they do not respect the authorities and the laws.

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For this reason, they create bad vices as the abuse of the drugs and the alcohol to an early age. Another important point is the sexual content that these video games have. Many video games are related to sexual activities since they have not been designed for minors of 18-year-old. Often we see that these games insult and abuse to the woman and induce to the mistreatment and to the use of bad words and obscenities and as consequence is altered the normal and emotional ripeness of the children.

Without mentioning that each video game in the part of behind of the box describes that we will find in the game and type of content already be of sexual character. As an example of video game with sexual content are God of War and Assassin Creed. The murder to persons or animals is common in the video games. The only aim is to struggle and to obtain the major punctuation; nevertheless, this affects negatively the physical, mental, emotional development, and the social environment of the children.

As result, it borders the time in order that the children and teenagers make other healthy and productive activities. Considering all these things is the responsibility of the parents to form his children in order that they are good persons for the society. Some children can involve so much in the video game and this creates an addiction and brings big consequences as lower qualifications, overweight, they happen less time with his families and finally they create aggressive behaviors.

Also it is a duty of the parents in supervise his children and to know the content of the video games and of being informed what this being bought for his children since a market exists with thousands of video games and many of these have a bad content for his age. The most advisable thing is that the parents feel to playing with his children who interact with them, the parents need motivate his children in participate of other activities and the parents will have achieving a better communication and the safety of which his young minds are not corrupt with video games.

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