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A video game is an electronic game that involves human interaction with a user interface to generate visual feedback on a video device (Wikipedia, 2011). With many types of games, there are many different effects that affect our life and most of them are bad. The first and also the most dangerous problem is violence. According to Dr. Craig Anderson (2003), violent video games may have even stronger effects on children's aggression for many reasons. He says that video games are highly interactive and engaging.

In the other hand, many games reward for violent behaviors and because children repeat these behaviors again and again, they become more violent (Craig Anderson, 2003). Share the same idea with Anderson, Barlett (2009) describes five negative effects of video games and violence is the most dangerous effect. Violent video games is causally related to aggressive thoughts, physiological arousal, aggressive behavior, and antisocial behavior, as a result, children become more violent and they can’t control their action.

Besides, there is a strong connection between violent video games and narcissism. Highly narcissistic individuals may act more violent after playing violent video games (Barlett, 2009). It seems like almost attacks are directed to the violent video game but there are some different opinions. One study by University of Rochester (N. Y. ) researchers Daphne Bavelier and C. Shawn Green(2010) on the first-person shooter game "Unreal Tournament" found that players improved perceptual and attention skills by playing that game.

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It gives player some highly mental skills like problem solving, logic, quick thinking, making fast analysis and decisions. They found that playing pro-social games led to more subsequent "helping" behavior in users (Daphne Bavelier, 2010). These researchers’ opinions may right but this problem doesn’t stop there. The author of the research “The good and the bad effects of video games” (raisesmartkid. com, 2010) points out that the effects of video games on children is worsened by the games interactive nature. Children are rewarded for being more violent.

In some other ways, violent video games affect our social life. We may spend less time in other activities such as doing homework, sports and interacting with the family and friends (raisesmartkid. com, 2010). “GTA series” is the best example for this problem. In this game, we can do everything we want like stole a car or kill people. Although many people agree with this opinion, we cannot deny the beneficial side of it. “For the U. S military, video games get serious” (Albert Rizzo, 2011). 2. 1. 2 Affect our health. The second problem is our health.

Video games affect not only our behavior, feeling but also our body. According to Dr. Mohamed K. Khan (2006), in Great Britain, those between the ages of 7 and 19 were associated with a 1. 1 per 100,000 risks for experiencing a light-induced seizure. However, those in the same age range who played video games experienced a 1. 5 per 100,000 risk. Dr. Khan also finds out that video games affect our movement. Our muscles become smaller because when we play video game, our body doesn’t need to work, as a result, our body become weaker than the normal person (Mohamed K.

Khan, 2006). 2. 1. 3 Become addicted. The last problem is video game addiction. With many bad effects, why game still becomes an addiction and make us spend all day for it? Dr. Charles Ungerleider (2007) explains that "they're very compelling with increasing complexity, so a child becomes more facile, yet wants to know more and apply new skills. " While wanting to improve their game isn't a problem in itself, it becomes one if video games are "taking a youngster away too much from other activities," says Ungerleider. (Dr. Charles Ungerleider, 2007).

According to the author of the research “The good and the bad effects of video games” (raisesmartkid. com, 2010), video games addiction will affect our social life. We spend all day to play video games and it will destroy our social skill (raisesmartkid. com, 2010). 2. 2 Solutions. 2. 2. 1 Buyers check the game carefully. According to the author of the research “The good and bad effects of video games”, Buyers should check the game carefully. Every video game has the Rating and buyers should check it before buying that game.

The government divides video games into 6 levels, and each level suitable for each group of age. We also need to note the title and the cover picture. The reviews of the game are important and because of that reason, we should search for the game in the internet before decide to buy it. Some websites will give score of the game so choose prestigious websites. The information from these websites is very useful. It will give the buyer the day that the game is released or the type of that game.

Buyer can watch the game review or play the demo of the game and it will give the buyer some experiences before decide to buy that game (raisesmartkid. com, 2010). 2. 2. 2 Players do more exercise to improve your help. Because of the bad effect of video games on our health, we should do more exercises to train our body. 1 hour per day for morning exercise will make our muscles stronger. In addition, some leisure activities like swimming, walking, fishing also well for your health (Pietro Galassetti and the other researchers, 2001). 2. 2. Players need family power. According to Los Angeles-based psychotherapist Robert Butterworth (2010) ,dysfunctional parenting, children with little guilt, and accessibility to firearms with little parental supervision can create violent children. "Most children who commit violent crime show an early combination of personality and family factors that include having trouble getting along with playmates in preschool," ( Robert Butterworth , 2010). Therefore, parent should limit the amount of time their children play video games or set a password for their computer.

According to the author of the research “Create a strong password”, the password should have eight characters or more and try to put more uncommon characters. However, some children can break the password easily because they have some hacking skill. Because of that reason, parent should learn some way to power up your password. There are four steps that will make your password stronger. Step one is use a full sentence. After that, parent should remove all the spaces between the words. Next step is turning words into shorthand.

And finally, you should put some numbers that meaningful to you (Microsoft. om, 2011). If you think the password can’t stop your children from playing video game, you should use some software to lock the computer. In the other hand, parent should give their children a variety entertaining things to learn from, so they will be addicted to video games. Children should join the other leisure activities like soccer, fishing, and swimming. If you think your children addict to play video games, you should send them to some Game Quitting Programs. Tran Nguyen (2009), reporter of Viet Nam news, says that these programs will focus on maintaining and enhancing feelings.

Most of the students of these programs had quit video games while the others had moderated the time they spent playing (Tran Nguyen, 2009). 3. Conclusion The findings reveal that Video games have many bad effects. These effects affect not only our behavior but also our health. Video games become an addiction, a national issue. However, we still can avoid these bad effects with some solutions like game checking system, morning exercises and parent s’ responsibility. With these solutions, we can control the problem and make it become a powerful tool for everybody around the world.

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