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The Influence of Media to Female Audiences

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In the current state of society, the media has placed itself as one of the most important institutions in which influences the masses through the perspective that it has. One of the most evident and controversial issues that media had brought is the status of the female.

There had been many issues regarding females in which some find very intriguing and even degrading for some. One of the most common issues for females is the issue of body structure. In the media, it is important that a person maybe able to maintain the body a healthy body.

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However, a healthy body immediately means that a female should have a slim and slender body. Having a slim and slender body for the media automatically means being healthy and being beautiful. But then, this type of issue had been a concern of some females in which contradicts the view of the media.

It is known that every individual has his or her own body type. Others may have a slim body or some may have a pear shaped body. It is also recognized that we cannot choose the type of body that we want because most of the time it is biological in nature.

In connection to the concerns of the media regarding the body, it is somehow unfair for those that cannot and would not attain the body in which they view as beautiful. Of course, every woman and even men want to be known as beautiful. Each and everyone want to be recognized and seen as beautiful yet the media had already set their criteria in their perception of what is beautiful or not.

Although the media is still in contradiction to the hypothesis of people that they are indeed setting a criterion for women and their body, it is evident in magazines and television shows that the media sees a slender women are much beautiful than the regular ones.

As a proof, many celebrities and models are slender. Most of them have a body in which regular individuals would not exactly have like Misha Barton, Paris Hilton, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston and etc. All of these personalities’ exposes a body in which is very perfect in the view of the media. They are often seen as sexy and glamorous actresses in which could carry them selves well. In red carpet nights or even small parties, they are seen as beautiful.

On the other hand, celebrities who are a bit heavier or has a much curvy body is not appreciated as much compared to slender celebrities. In magazine covers, slim actresses or models are often featured. Every edition of the magazine presents a slim female in which often posses a sexy image. However, curvy females in the media are not often given this opportunity. If they are able to pose for a magazine this is because they have done something important or they magazine advocates curvy women.

The continuous presentation of the media of these types of women influences the society and their view towards the body. It could be observed that many women have created a thought that they should and must be like these Hollywood stars in order to be fully accepted by the society.

Any woman would like to be recognized as someone “beautiful” in the eyes of the society. Women started to make ways in order to imitate the celebrities. Some women try to exercise and lessen their food in take for them to be like these celebrities.

However, this process is not enough for some women. There are those women that would like better and assured results for their bodies. Some result to plastic surgery which is the fastest way to eliminate excess fat or fix their problematic areas. Furthermore, there are women in which results to very unhealthy weight lost activities such as bulimia or anorexia.

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