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The importance of time management

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There are many reasons to have time management and organization in your office; they both can lead to failure of you or your business, and or your team etc. If you don’t have time management then you will not have the time to ensure you complete the tasks that need to be done and when they are suppose to be done, even worse ensuring that the ones that work under you will not complete what they need to complete. Ensuring that you stick to a tight schedule and pushing through to the final completion is what you need to do to accomplish the job.

Time management is important in ensuring that all missions are accomplished proficiently and in a timely manner. When you can maintain your time management you show your leadership ability to accomplish the jobs. When you use time management to accomplish your tasking, this will give you more time to ensure that you can work on your organization. Ensuring that your office stays organized and clean is to ensure that at any given time you can find a form or any information you may need at any time.

You need to ensure that you have the space to complete paper work and to ensure you are keeping paper work separated so you don’t lose where your place of work. When you complete your task it is very important to file the completed work to ensure that you keep the work together and don’t lose the information you have already to complete. This helps to ensure that you keep your work together and complete. When you ensure the organization you are normally more proficient. This allows you to work better and faster.

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When you work time management and office organization you become a more proficient as a leader, employee or as a boss. They work together to ensure success of your career if you take your time and put emplace the program. It’s your career take a hold of it and do what you have to do to ensure success. The 4 components of Office Organization, Filing system- Having a great hard copy filing system is a must, since at any given time a computer could crash, get a virus or just about anything else.

A lot of businesses use share drives which load all or the files, work, pictures and meeting schedules to where everyone involved can look at them, and these can all become corrupt as well. But if you keep hard copies of all your work no matter if the computer system crashes you always can do your research. For example I load drivers packets onto the share drive for the Army so when new soldiers need to be trained they can print off their paperwork needed, but when they come to me I as well keep their file in my filing system, so if they lose their license or move to a new post they can take their entire packet with them showing their training.

I also keep all of the tests and files needed on hand in my filing system so that I can copy at any time. This ensures that I will always have my past and future training for all soldiers in my company past and present. Pitch method- This is my personal favorite since it lowers the amount of paper useless information leaving from my desk. This is important so that information that is needed is used and the not needed is trash.

It limits what we have to act on; it leaves us with future information as needed and things that need to be acted upon at this very moment. This here ensures that we have the best information for the school, public or the students at the present time. Office flow- Ensuring the flow of the office is very important to anyone and all of us to ensure we get the best results of our time being used. Ensuring you have the best conditions for you in your office so that your comfortable while you work is important to accomplishing the best work you can.

Computers- Computers can make almost everyone’s job easier. As a mechanic they have the test equipment that brings up the diagnostic readings that can limit what is wrong with the vehicle. The computer can be organized and set up however that is convenient for you or to give a presentation, or for anyone to use. It can make your job easier. You can ensure proper order while using power point for presentations if you have to give more than one at time.

The importance of time management essay

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