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The History of Antigua

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The history of Antigua Antigua is an island where people wake up early to go to work or to school but most of the people who live there go to the market on Market Street. The name of Antigua and Barbuda’s capital is St.

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The History of Antigua

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. The language that is spoken in Antigua and Barbuda is English. The date that this country came into existence was November 1, 1981. The notable people who live in Antigua are Eric Clapton who is a guitar player, Giorgio Armani, and Ken Follett.

The major landforms that are in Antigua and Barbuda are the Boom Point, the Devils Bridge and Mount Obama. There are also some major cities in Antigua such as Cedar Grove, Old Road, and Boland. The culture around Antigua is incredible. The clothes that the citizens wear have a condition to the tropical living. There are a lot of Holidays in Antigua that New Jersey doesn’t have like Good Friday, Carnival Monday, National Heroes day, and Whit.

Antigua sells a lot of different kinds of foods at the market as corn, chilies, guava, and mangos. The music in Antigua is a dabble of everything from reggae, to soca to zouk; styles are easily appreciated whether at a barbeque or playing online bingo. The kinds of religions that are in Antigua are Christians, Muslims, Hindus, and Jews. The government uses the Parliamentary System. Antigua’s population is at 89,612 and counting.

The native animals that live in Antigua are the Antiguan Racer, Redonda Anole, Antiguan Ground Lizard, and the Barbuda Warbler. The name of the flag is Antigua and Barbuda. If you ever visit Antigua here are some travel tips. First, the taxes are the same as in the United States. There is 10-15% depending on the service. Second, the electricity, part of the island is 110 volts and the remainder is 220 volts. Most of the hotels have both voltages available. This has been the research of Antigua and Barbuda

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